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5 Easy Bedroom Storage Tips

With the economy in a downturn, some folks are downsizing in order to survive within their means. I found a great solutions for those who have had to downsize or just want to get organized for the coming years. These tips are for maximizing the space in your bedroom.
1. Stick things under the bed. Did you know that a king-size bed takes up 42 square feet of space. Why should the dust bunnies have it all to themselves?
2. Get the most from your closet by maximizing the space.Before you buy a bulky dressers or armoires, make sure you're getting the most out of your closet — especially when it comes to hanging space.
3. Make it kid-friendly. Stashing the bed itself can make a tiny bedroom double as a nursery by day. Using a Murphy bed is a great way to get the most from very little space.
4. Think vertically. I know most are thinking why? Homes with very high ceilings have more unused space than you might think. Adding shelves or a floor to ceiling book shelf system will maximize the space.
5. Create storage access. If your attic is difficult to access, consider adding another attic door in one of the bedrooms. Installing a hinged door with a drop-down ladder in a large closet will allow you to tap hidden bedroom storage as you need it.


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