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5 easy all-natural treats to make for kids

Raspberry fruit leather
Raspberry fruit leather
Alicia Bayer

Looking for some easy, tasty recipes to make your own all-natural treats for your kids? Here's some favorites in our house.

  1. Mix and match granola bars: These super easy granola bars are no-bake and use what you have on hand and what your family prefers. You pick the nut butter, the fruits, the nuts and seeds and the healthy cereals to add, so every batch is new and different.
  2. Make your own fruit leather: This fruit leather is suprisingly easy and utterly delicious. With strawberry picking season coming up in Southern Minnesota, this is a great way to make use of extras. We like it with every kind of fruit we've tried, though.
  3. Apple Rhubarb Crumble: This is a recipe that can be mixed and matched to suit the season too. Crumbles are delightfully old fashioned and still quick and easy, and are a great way to use whatever you have a surplus of in the garden. Right now, rhubarb is in season in Minnesota but you can also use berries for the tart element. If you have any apples still put up from last fall (we do!), you can use apples. Otherwise, summer fruits like peaches were the original pairing for the rhubarb. No matter which fruits you use, it's a quick and tasty treat.
  4. All-natural fruit soda: This is another super simple recipe, requiring only two ingredients. Instead of using concentrated fruit juice, you can also use your own undiluted grape juice if you pick your own grapes for a really decadent treat.
  5. Easy crab apple cider: It's a little early for this one, but keep this recipe in mind in late summer when trees are full of crab apples. This gorgeous, delicious drink is packed with nutrients and absolutely wonderful. After I shared the recipe with some friends last year, one family picked bags full of crab apples from Mankato's Sibley park and made a big batch of it. Just make sure to collect crab apples from trees that are not sprayed (most aren't, since most people are not concerned about harvesting the fruit).

Bon appetit!


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