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5 Droid apps for free worth downloading now

These 5 Droid apps for free downloading today begin with the free Droid app “DU Speed Booster”, which optimizes your Droid or Android phone, according to a Jan. 14 report in With this free Droid app, your Droid or Android phone's speed will increase as much as 60 percent.

Over time, apps and games take on toll on Droid phones (all Android phones) and Droids slow down—and until this free app came along only a system reinstall would return its speed, that's why “DU Speed Booster” is a must-have Droid app. This free app is compatible on Droid and Android phones.

“Slice the Ice” is a cool Droid app where you cut blocks of ice so Scrappy can complete his journey spanning five worlds and 100 levels of amazing graphics. This Droid app is compatible with all Android phones.

“Antivirus Privacy Firewall” is a very powerful Droid app that protects your privacy. Besides protecting your privacy and protecting you from malicious spyware, this Droid app will increase battery life. This free Droid app is compatible with all Android phones.

Just released yesterday is the free Droid app, “Alien Galaxy War”. In this Droid app you'll captain a spaceship and battle aliens to save our galaxy. This app can run on Droid and Android phones—as well as Android tablets.

A super-hot download today is the Droid app, “Eternity Warriors 3”, a free action-packed RPG game with your choice of heroes. With unrivaled combat scenes, amazing graphics and blistering frame rates, this fast-paced action game will keep you playing. In this free Droid app there are also, kingdoms to explore and tournaments to win. This app is compatible with Droid and Android phones.

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