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5 DIY Valentines Day Ideas

Valentine's Day can be pretty expensive now a days. I don't get out often but a typical 'movie and dinner' date can run you over $80! That is just for ONE night out of the week! Yes, maybe your counterpart is paying but imagine that having to be you to pay. PASS.

Well luckily there are alternatives to buying pricey gifts and spending tons of money on food. DIY gifts have become popular and they are fun and enjoyable to make. Not only that but it comes from the heart and shows your loved one you put a lot of thought, time and effort into your gift.

Here are 5 DIY Gifts to try!

1. Bathbombs

LUSH Cosmetics makes irresistible bath bombs. The thing is there is only 1 LUSH in Hampton Roads and I don't really do much online shopping. Check out this video on how to make a simple, natural bath bomb that will explode with a special message inside@

2. Cookie Cake

Yes you can go to the mall and just buy one but wouldn't it just be more fun to make it? YES! And it is super easy. Buy a package of pre cut cookies and place the less than an inch apart on a cookie sheet in the shape of a heart. Placing them close together will seal the gaps when they spread out in the oven. Once they are done, simple clean up the edges with a butter knife to have a perfect heart shape cookie cake!

3. Strawberry Hearts

A box of chocolates is easy but a box of chocolate covered strawberries is the way to a girls heart! These babies can definitely sell pretty high so make some yourself! Put a twist on them this way: first cut the strawberries in half. Next lay them side by side with the flat bottom down, angle them so they make a heart shape. Take a toothpick and jab it through so both strawberries stay in place. Next dip them in chocolate and place them on a rack to cool. When they are done pull out the tooth picks and you have chocolate covered, heart-shaped strawberries!

4. Cookie Message

I love Alice and Wonderland. One of my favorite scenes is the cookie scene where she has to eat a cookie and gets bigger. Didn't they all just look so yummy!? Well how about you replicate them with a Valentines Day theme! Bake cookies in different shapes and sizes and decorate some with cute phrases like "I Love You", "I am cookie for you", "Be Mine", or "Kiss Me".

5. Photo Collage

Print out some of your favorite photos of each other and either make them into a collage in the shape of a heart or make a small flip book. On each page state one reason why you love the person, or a memory you have with them. Fun, creative and very thoughtful!

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