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5 DIY bowls for your home

5 easy do it yourself bowls for your home

Get your craft on with these easy do-it-yourself bowls that can be used as accents within your house. Recycle rope, doilies, newspaper or old dishes and re-invent them into new stylish pieces that you can display on your bookcase, coffee table or desk.

Rope bowl by the Pinterest Project
Using a bowl to create the shape wrap the rope around the bowl hot glue the rope onto itself so that the rope wraps around the bowl fully. Cut off the excess rope and allow the glue to fully dry before using it. For detailed instructions see the Pinterest Project.

Lace doily bowls by Apartment Therapy
Take a doily and soak it in a mixture of half white glue and half water. Place the doily over the bottom of a bowl and allow the doily to fully dry. Once dried the doily can be taken off the bowl and it will retain its shape. For instructions on how to dye your doily bowl see Apartment Therapy for details.

Painted ceramic bowls by Creature Comforts
Using a plain white bowl, ceramic paint and a flat brush begin by painting from the inside of the bowl in a straight line to the inside edge of the bowl. Continue painting upwards strokes around the bowl and either air dry or bake in the oven depending on the instructions on the paint. For more information see Creature Comforts blog.

Gold paper bowl by Two Zero One
Inflate a balloon and glue small pieces of newspaper around half the balloon using modge podge. Apply several layers of newspaper, allowing the paper to dry between layers. Once the bowl feels sturdy, deflate the balloon and begin painting the inside of the bowl using gold acrylic paint. After painting two coats of gold paint flip the bowl over and paint the outside of the bowl with two coats of black paint. For detailed instructions see Two Zero One.

Air dry clay bowl by Curbly
Using store bought air dry clay press the clay into a bowl you already own to create the shape. After half an hour remove the clay from the bowl and allow the clay to dry completely. Sand the bowl to remove any bumps and spray paint the bowl with your choice of paint color. For more instructions see Curbly.

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