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5 Dinosaur Resume Ideas That Do Not Get Results

Video Resume? One page resume? Two Page resume? Picture resume? Social media resume? Resume in the clouds? There is so much buzz about from leading experts about resumes. Some concur that they are very important to help hiring managers identify professionals who possess needed skills in order to offer job seekers and career changers jobs. Yet others say that resumes are dead. Be they dead or alive, it is certain that if you are not aware of best practices to use when putting together an appealing, skills and accomplishment laden resume, you are not doing your job search, potential promotion or business justice. So let's take a look at five 'ole' dinosaur resume ideas that do not get results:

1. Outdated Ole Resume Practice – Job Seeker Focused Resume. Me, me and look at me!

The new way to think of your resume is to make it a document that is focused on serving the professional industry. Be sure that your resume can speak to things of importance to your employer. Name a few things that you can do for your industry.
Distinguish yourself as an experienced problem solver, strategic troubleshooter and skilled professional who loves the industry!

2. Outdated Ole Resume Practice – Networking Alone with Get Me the Job. Let me just pass out my resume online.

The new way to think of your resume is to make it a part of your career communications that can be references as you have served the community in which you live. Your participation in helping others meet their goals within your professional circle by participating in service projects, special work-related projects or offering to help colleagues met their professional goals should be noted on your resume. These types of experiences show case your ability to be helpful to others and your ethic, ability to work with a team and subject matter expertise can shine brightly. Then as your career needs change, try to get a referral for job openings for companies that interest you after you have developed a mutually satisfying business relationship. In this case, your resume is a tool and not an autonomous document.

3. Outdated Ole Resume Practice – Objective To obtain a job as a salesperson is out! It focuses too much on you! Who cares ! Now let's look at a better option.

The new way to present your professional goal in your resume is to add branded titles including your subject matter expertise. For example:
Savvy Salesperson |B2B Sales
Accountant |Financial Analyst |Adjunct

These headings help the employer to see you as a professional who has started a resume with information for the hiring manager pointing directly to your talents and expertise.

4. Outdated Ole Resume Practice – Job Descriptions on resumes. Saying such things on your resume as, "I did this and that at work" is not going to cut it!

The New way of representing your skills is to use strong phrases indicating the results of your work history starting with the most important part of your job. Be certain to use the CAR Approach in describing your level of achievement within the organization. For instance, start with noting The Crisis, The Actions Taken and The Results.

5. Outdated Ole Resume Practice – No Degree No Future

New thinking is that employers are looking for people who can do the work! These skills can be learned in a variety of settings including on the job training, online certificate programs, apprenticeships, and/or military. Showcase where you learned your skills and how it has helped you to meet the industry needs.

Outdated no more, now you should be ready to Soar!
Now that you see that the "ole" way of presenting yourself is not the ideal way to highlight your skills, accomplishments and achievements for that next best career opportunity, let’s look at ways to make sure that your top achievement, results-oriented résumé will get notice:

  • Be Linked-in. Be sure to go to LinkedIn dot com and get signed up.
  • Be one who stands out with a QR Code. Add social significance to your basic achievements and accomplishments. See grarts dot com.
  • Be sure that your resume can be seen via mobile . Go to resume bear dot come slash mobile for more details.
  • If you have any more ole dinosaur ways that you have changed to accommodate this new workforce, connect with me on facebook and feel free to share.

Here's hoping that you have enjoyed this article. Be sure to take a look at the video,

Top Five Changes To Make To Your Resume.

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