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5 delightfully terrible music videos

5 Delightfully Awful Music Videos
5 Delightfully Awful Music Videos

I'm sure everyone has watched a music video at some point and had a "what were they thinking?" moment. The most comical ones to me are the ones where the artist is genuinely trying to be serious, but it just isn't working for them. The 1980s were full of these as the art of the music video was still in its infancy and CGI special effects were still something Marty McFly may have seen in Hill Valley in 2015. Here are five of my favorite delightfully awful music videos:

DIO’s “Holy Diver” - This piece of mystical dragon-slaying heavy metal crap has made me laugh myself to tears on many occasions. Thanks for the memories DIO!

T-Baby’s “It’s So Cold in the D” - If Detroit is that bad, just do what people from West Virginia do. Fill your tank with gas and start a new life wherever you run out. (Yes, this is true)

Billy Squier’s “Rock Me Tonight” - OK, Billy Squier must really really be wanting a date. Like really really bad. What lady wouldn't want to run their fingers through that glorious mullet?

David Hasselhoff’s “Hooked on a Feeling” - I have no words.........I honestly have no words.

Dark Face Hooligans’ “Haunted House” - This piece of wanna-be gangsta garbage should be studied by a legion of the world's best scientists to make sure nothing like this happens ever again.

Can you think of more? Post them in the comments and share.

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Dustin M. Pardue


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