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5 Creative Children's Bedrooms

Creative Children's Bedrooms
Creative Children's Bedrooms
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Your child's room should not be a boring place but instead a fun place where he can play, get creative and have friends over for quality time on weekends. If you are not sure how you should decorate your child's room, you can talk with him to see what ideas he has in mind for the room renovation. Here are five creative children's bedrooms that your child will enjoy for the next few years and that are not too corny for the child.

1. Zoo Themed Bedroom

You can paint the wall a solid color that resembles a zoo such as brown, gray or green. Another idea is to paint the walls zebra stripes or tiger stripes but you do not want to paint the wall in animal print because this is too bold for a child's room. If you choose a solid colored wall, you can paint a mural of zoo animals on it.

2. Figure Skating Room

If you have a daughter who enjoys skating, you can decorate a figure skating room for her. Some good colors for this kind of room include pink, yellow, green or purple. Also place some dolls on the bed that resemble figure skaters.

3. Eco Friendly Theme

Another idea for creative children's rooms is to have an eco friendly themed room for your child. Purchase a bamboo or wicker basket and then place some tall twigs and flowers inside the vase. A decorative recycling bin can be placed in the room for recycling old clothes and toys. You can place a fruit and vegetable mural on the wall.

4. Action Movie Theme

You can create your child's room based on his favorite action movies. For example, you can purchase Marvel collectibles and furniture for the room if he likes Marvel movies and then you decorate his headboard and desk with a collage of Marvel photos from magazines.

5. Chocolate and Caramel Theme

If your child's favorite desserts are chocolate and caramel, her room can look like a neat candy store in the neighborhood. Paint the walls a mocha color and put two to three large paintings on the walls that pertain to chocolate. Place a medium-sized glass jar in the room filled with candy.

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