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5 compliments to get in good with your boss without looking like a 'brown nose'

Compliment your boss, but don't be a brown nose!
Compliment your boss, but don't be a brown nose!
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The saying "If the boss ain't happy, ain't nobody happy," is very true. No matter if you like your superior or not, keeping a boss feeling good about themselves can make for a better work day. It can't hurt to get on the good side of the one who signs your paycheck. Here are 5 complements you can give to your boss with out being labeled a"brown nose."

1. When you are praised for a job well done: " thank you for recognizing my part in this assignment, but it was under your direction that the out come was successful." (This a great reply especially if your boss's superior is present.) It not only gives your boss a boost, but it does for you too. (What the complement says about you is that you are a real team player and not a credit hog.)

2. " It is refreshing to work for someone who recognizes peoples strengths more so than their weaknesses." You are letting your boss know that you think she is fair and a good leader.

3. When you are given constructive criticism-" I really appreciate the time you have taken to give me this opportunity to learn under your direction." This is subtle, but you are calling the boss your mentor without saying the words.

4. " The team (office / crew) is really picking up on your enthusiasm for this project " You are saying that it is really apparent that your boss is doing her job.

5. When a task is being explained to you by your boss-" I would have never thought of doing it that way, what a great idea". Bosses need recognition for their work too.

Good boss or bad, they are still a vital part of your team. The boss is there for the duration so by keeping your superior a happy person, it makes better working conditions for you. When you complement someone it also says something about you. With these 5 complements you are validating the effectiveness of your boss's leadership skills. Besides, everyone needs a good complement once in a while, especially if they really do deserve it.

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