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5 common wedding splurges made by brides

Lazaro wedding dress.
Lazaro wedding dress.

A wedding boasts beauty, but it usually costs a lot of money to do that. Many brides start with a plan and well-organized budget, only to default with a splurge. Some splurges are little, while others are so noteworthy it takes years to pay off. A splurge can range from a couple of hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Common splurges are the wedding dress, shoes lingerie, cosmetic enhancements and photographer.

Wedding Dress

A wedding event means there must be a dress, no matter how simple or elegant. What about your dream dress though? Does it fit within your budget, or is it a splurge? Even the bride's wedding dress can be a splurge.

Regardless of the budget, it's difficult to say no to the dream dress. Often, brides fall in love with the gown before trying it on, and sometimes before seeing the price tag. Designer and custom-made dresses can run in the high thousands.

Some wedding dress splurges are not just for the wedding day. In some cases, brides like to have two wedding dresses, in two different colors or in a simpler design for the reception dinner or after party. This is a trend, but the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton ignited the trend further by wearing two separate dresses for the day and evening of royal wedding.

Christian Laboutin anyone?

Brides may not be purchasing a pair of Christian Laboutin, Manolo Blahnik or Jimmie Choo shoes, but shoes are a splurge for some. In some cases, the shoes are more expensive than the bride's dress. For example, a pair if Choo sandals and pumps can range from $400 to $1000.

Sexy lingerie for a party of two

The wedding gown is something everyone at the wedding can enjoy. It's a moment of time when all eyes are on the bride and noticing how beautiful the bride and the gown are. The sexy lingerie is something else all together. It's for a party of two and brides splurge on items such as bustiers, corsets and peignoir sets. Though you can get use out of lingerie well after the wedding; it's still a splurge if you spend $600 on underwear.


After the wedding is over, the one true wedding accessory left are the photos. A good photographer can cost several thousand dollars.

Beauty and cosmetic enhancements

Invisalign, chemical peels, breast enhancements, hair extensions, permed eyelashes and a boatload of other cosmetic enhancements are used by brides before they get married. Looking the best possible is expensive and certainly a splurge when it adds thousands extra to the budget.

For example, Invisalign can cost close to five thousand dollars by the time you've straightened your teeth. Botox is several hundred dollars or more depending on the location of the injections. This is also a treatment that must be kept up if you plan for the effects to last a life time.


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