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5 books about dealing with drug addicts and alcohol abusers – Free on Amazon

Free Amazon Books

J.C. Anonymous has led and participated in thousands of support group meetings that aimed to teach friends and family members of addicts coping skills. He has gathered all his knowledge and experience in a series of books that will help people deal with drug addicts and alcohol abusers by learning how to communicate with them, how to love then unconditionally, and how to detach themselves in a way that doesn’t mean giving up on them. It is not easy to live with someone who is addicted to alcohol or substances, but it’s neither impossible. In such a situation, the advice that most people give is to detach yourself from the addict and start a new life, but the truth is that when it comes to a spouse, a good friend, or a family member, the best thing you can do is to never give up on them.

These amazing books by J.C. Anonymous will be free on Amazon in the next couple of days. Here is when and where you can find them:

‘Coping with Drug Addicts’ is a guide that helps people deal with alcoholics, pot smokers, prescription pill users, or cocaine abusers. Readers will learn how to set boundaries, how to detach themselves from the drug addicts, but at the same time help them overcome their condition. It’s all about finding peace and balance even when the person you love most turns your life upside down. The book is free on Amazon June 23-27.

‘Substance Abuse-Help for Family and Friends of an Addict with Drug Abuse Problems’ is a bundle of three books that contain unique tips and advice on how to live with drug addicts and even gently guide them on the right path. Here are the books you will find: ‘How to Deal with and Addict’, ‘Addicts: 31 Day Plan for Coping with an Addict Spouse, Family Member, Friend, or Someone You Love’, and ‘101 Quick Tips for Coping with Drug Addicts’. These can prove to be life-changing reads to someone who is out of solutions. It is free June 23-27.

‘Coping with an Alcoholic Spouse – 31 Day Plan for Dealing with Your Alcoholic Husband or Wife’ is a very special guide that was written in collaboration with Ashley Rosebloom. Too many people have to deal with a spouse who has a drinking problem, and, usually, physical abuse is also involved in such a dysfunctional relationship. Ashley Rosebloom give amazing advice, and structures it in a 31 day plan that will help people understand themselves, their needs and desires, and then make the right decisions regarding their alcoholic husband or wife. Achieving peace and harmony in the family is not impossible if effective communication is used, and this can be done even if you live with someone who is rarely sober. The book is free June 24-28.

‘How to Deal with an Addict’ is a very straightforward guide that helps readers understand addicts and learn how to deal with them. Lies, arguments, anger, manipulation, and chaotic behavior are just some of the things that come together with someone who is a substance abuser. Living such a life can be very frustrating, but leaving the one you love most just because they are going through a difficult period is not an option. This is a must-read for anyone who is in such a situation and doesn’t want to end the relationship. Free June 24-28.

‘Dealing with an Addict: 31 Day Plan for Coping with an Addict Spouse, Family Member or Loved One’ is a book that has helped tens of thousands of people all over the world learn to cope with someone who is abusing drugs or alcohol. How to stop obsessing over the addict and how to cope with the addict’s mood swings are just two of the things that readers will learn from this guide. It’s easy to lose your sanity when you’re confronted with such a situation every single day, but it is not impossible to control it and start living a normal life. Free June 25-29.

It is quite obvious why these books can change someone’s life. When dealing with a substance or alcohol abuser, one needs to get professional advice, and this is exactly what these guides written by J.C. Anonymous provide.

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