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5 Black market beauty tips to steal


There are some beauty tips that have been faithfully, but secretly followed by the women who have discovered them. The reason is because of the  potential embarrassment over their oddity. Now, for your reading pleasure, you can rifle through and take what works for you.


Eskinol, is a skin whitener product. Many Asian markets carry it in their beauty section - the Seven Seas Trading Company located on Hoover Road in the city of Warren to name one.  

This product is great to use on dark areas around the toes, behind the neck, the bikini line, and the underarms. After consistent use, the dark spots will start to fade. Eskinol comes in a variety of scents - lemon, cucumber, and avocado.  Any of these scents are preferable over the original, which comes in a clear bottle.  

If you do decide to use this product, you should first do a patch test to check for any skin irritation. Further, a good follow up to any alcohol based product is to use a good moisturizer.


Vaseline petroleum jelly is the best cure for a dry and flaky face.  Before you go to bed, wash your face with a mild cleanser, and then spread a layer of the jelly over the dry areas. The thickness should be consistent with jam on bread. When you wake up in the morning, there is no greasy residue - only baby soft skin and a repaired face.  Depending on the dryness of your skin, you may have to do this for 2-3 more nights before your entire face is restored.  It is advisable that you not make this a normal part of your routine.


This is the solution for the nights when the smell of wet, sour cigarettes has become infused in your hair and you simply cannot get yourself into the shower.

The trick is to use baby powder. Start by generously pouring it onto the roots of your hair, and then using your fingers, tousle it out toward the ends. Then grab your hair together, as if forming a pony tail, and twist it into a loose bun on the top of your head.  Use a scrunchy to hold it in place because it allows you to sleep comfortably and will not rip the hair from the roots as easily as an elastic hair tie.


If surgery and a padded bra are not options, purchase a bra that is one size smaller than your normal size.  For example, if you are a 40B, then you would purchase a 38B.  Next, as you are putting the bra on, pull the fat from the side of your breast into the cup. Repeat this with the other breast. It will appear that you now have fuller breasts. 


This next beauty tip will need some caution on your part because the eye area is very delicate. After putting on your eye make-up and mascara, reach for a metal eye lash curler.  I would suggest using Tweezerman or Shu uemura brands because they make great eyelash curlers. You want to "heat" the curler by blow drying it for a few seconds, on a low heat setting.  Make sure to cover both ends of the curler (the parts that will be touching each corner of the eye) with your finger tips - this will avoid burning your eye. Quickly tap the curler on your palms to make sure it isn't too hot. Then curl the lash as normal. 

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