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5 bizarre soccer games

With the world engulfed in soccer hype, this writer thought it was a good idea to look at some soccer video games. No, not the standard classics like the yearly FIFA franchise. From robots to middle school children, here are the top five weirdest soccer video games.

This is the box art for MMS.

Battle Soccer 2: Kamen Rider, Ultraman, and Gundam characters mingling in a video game may seem a bit off, but these properties team up fairly often in Japan unbeknownst to a western audience. Ahem, as for the game, it’s a whacky pairing of costumed characters and robots duking it out in the normal soccer fashion except with the extra flair of super powers. It still looks and plays great on the good old SNES.

Disney Sports Soccer: Honestly, this game is pretty drab in every sense of the way. It stars Disney characters, like Mickey and Donald, who are captain of their respective soccer teams. The gameplay is similar to BS2, but in a less enjoyable way. With not a lot of choices and ugly, ugly graphics, it’s hard to recommend this one beyond the Disney and soccer fanatics.

Inazuma Eleven: Inazuma Elven comes from Level 5, makers of the recent RPG hit Ni no Kuni, as well as the puzzle adventure series Professor Layton. Melding these two series together, IE is a soccer RPG. It's one part narrative, following the lives of its characters in middle school, and one part RPG where war is raged on the soccer field. The idea of a soccer RPG is good, but the dialogue is a tad too “talky” and the soccer battles are clunky since players are forced to use the stylist to controls characters.

Kunio Kun no Nekketsu Soccer League: River City Ransom actually has quite a few games in the series known as Kunio Kun in Japan. From Dodgeball to racing to, yes, even a hyperactive soccer game. Crazy weather, crazy animations, and a great gameplay style make this classic worth revisiting, especially for those who missed this import the first time around.

Mega Man Soccer: Lastly, let’s look at the Blue Bomber in his most peculiar role: soccer. Surprisingly, this game is pretty fleshed out. Capcom went all out in making both the best and weirdest soccer game around: tons of characters, powers, and fields. If soccer is the only way MM can return, well then heck, bring on a sequel!

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