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5 Best winter soup recipes with chicken: Paleo soups are healthy, hearty recipes

Intro: Looking for the best winter soup recipes with chicken? Then you need look no further than a paleo soup with sweet potatoes and carrots or a soup with chicken and broccoli. It's these healthy, hearty recipes that will keep you warm until winter turns to spring.

About Paleo Soup With Chicken

The paleo diet tries to mimic the diet that our ancestors would have eaten, meaning that anyone who adheres to this diet plan won't eat processed foods nor foods that our ancient ancestors wouldn't have had on hand.

For example, a sweet potato soup recipe if it is made right can be on the paleo food list. Other foods like carrots and broccoli also qualify on the diet, because they count as foods that paleolithic era humans could find and eat.

And of course, this time of year, healthy chicken soup recipes are always welcome. Long thought to keep a person healthy and to fight off colds and flu, a simple chicken soup recipe might be the perfect medicine in a bowl!

How to Make a Good Winter Soup Recipe With Chicken, Paleo-Style

  1. The Fall Harvest Chicken Soup brings together all the veggies that you love come harvest time. Aside from sweet potatoes, there's carrots, squash and kale seeped in a delish chicken broth.
  2. The Chicken, Broccoli and and (not) Potato Soup is another soup that features sweet potatoes plus cilantro for extra flavor and broccoli for that all important fiber.
  3. Thai Chicken Soup is the healthy, hearty soup from the Pacific Rim and it is oh so yummy! Sugar snap peas, coconut milk and squash give this unique soup its delish flavor.
  4. The Paleo Chicken Tortilla soup was one that I never thought I'd see on a caveman diet list, but here it is. It has the meat of the chicken breast, carrots, celery and avocado to garnish.
  5. And where would we be without an Easy Chicken Soup. This one just has a couple of ingredients. It's the ginger root and the coconut milk that give it its unique flavor and the chicken and veggies that make it a healthy, hearty soup!

Final Tips:

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