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5 Best and Worst Horror Films of 2010

Best horror film of 2010
Best horror film of 2010
[Rec] 2

2010 was a rough year for horror films, I would typically create a top 10 list, but was unable to come up with 10 entries from the less than stellar stable of horror films from this past year. Be sure to comment and let me know your opinion and even your picks for your best/worst of 2010.

5 BEST OF 2010

1. [Rec] 2 (US Release: 06/04/10): The sequel to one of if not my favorite zombie movie of the past 10 years, "[Rec] 2" is hands down my favorite film of 2010. Picking up right where the first film leaves off, "[Rec] 2" successfully alters everything you think you know about the first film and surprisingly finds creative ways to keep up the hand-held camera style of filming. I can’t wait for the third and forth installment ("[Rec] Genesis" and "[Rec} Apocalypse"} that have already been announced.

2. Frozen (US Release: 01/24/10): Showing that Adam Green is more than just a slasher film fan boy that was given the chance to make a movie, "Frozen" is a suspenseful chiller that keeps you unnerved until the very end. Great characters and plausible situations make this an all around good film and shows that Adam Green is a filmmaker to keep an eye on.

3. Black Swan (US Release: 12/17/10): Darren Aronofsky is a genius, PERIOD! Everyone of his films is an experience that you do not walk away from and just forget about. This chilling tale of a ballerina going through a mental breakdown as she tries to get into character for her breakout role will no doubt leave you unsettled. Featuring Natalie Portman in a career defining role, "Black Swan" should be recommended viewing for any true fan of film. Aronofsky’s next film “The Wolverine” (yes, the comic character) is hands down one of the films I am most looking forward to in the next couple years.

4. Pontypool (US Release: 01/26/10): Another fresh take on the traditional zombie film, Pontypool is a claustrophobic little gem that features a wonderful performance by Stephen McHattie as cast out shock jock DJ Grant Mazzy.

5. Survival of the Dead (US Release: 04/30/10): Romero has still got it. After the questionable “Diary of the Dead”, that was enjoyable but had some elements that heavily hurt the overall film (PUT DOWN THE DAMN CAMERA AND HELP!). “Survival of the Dead” is a film that is not only a good zombie film, but successful ties in some small town drama/social commentary.

5 WORST OF 2010

1. The Human Centipede (First Sequence) (US Release: 05/02/10): I am all for shocking films, but there is a fine line between shock and unpleasant crap. "Human Centipede" was just a premise I could not get my head around and felt the sub-par performances by the actors didn’t help either.

2. Hatchet 2 (US Release: 10/01/10): Getting a film released nationally without an MPAA rating is a huge accomplishment, but one that I felt hurt “Hatchet 2” overall. With the slap stick feel and plot holes galore, the film felt like something I would have appreciated more as a straight to DVD effort. Fun to see the numerous genre veterans it was not enough to keep me from feeling disappointed by this sequel to the enjoyable but over hyped original. The film was also hurt by the critically acclaimed and proven talent of Adam Green by his previous effort "Frozen".

3. Piranha 3D (US Release: 08/20/10): Just a little too stupid for me, I realize it was intentional, but I just wasn’t a fan of the over the top B-movie effort. It just felt too forced to me.

4. Demonic Toys 2 (US Release: 01/26/10): Growing up, I was a huge fan of anything and everything Full Moon Entertainment, but in the past decade the quality of their releases has just gone down hill drastically. I highly recommend the original "Demonic Toys", but was just dissappointed by this unnecessary sequel.

5. Puppet Master: Axis of Evil (US Release: 07/27/10): Same as the above entry, but even more painful. One of my favorite franchises of all time, the Puppet Master series holds a special place in my horror filled heart. By far better than “Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys” and the montage of “Puppet Master: Legacy”, “Axis of Evil” is still hard to watch. I just don’t understand why they can’t get back the quality (acting and SFX) of the first five PM films.

Most of these films are available at local Ohio retailers (Best Buy, Barnes & Noble), but if you’re unable to find them there all titles can be found on Amazon.


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