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5 benefits of dual computer monitors

Using dual computer screens
Using dual computer screens
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Using two computer monitors side-by-side has many advantages that people do not realize. Whether you have a desktop computer with one monitor or a laptop with one built in, consider obtaining another monitor to set next to your current one to reap the following benefits.

  1. Improved productivity. Whether you are a multi-tasker at home or in the office, using two monitors can actually allow you to multi-task more efficiently. For example, try keeping your email application open on one monitor to quickly see and respond to emails. On the other monitor keep up the application that you are currently working on. This allows you to multi-task more effectively.
  2. Work faster with multiple applications. Using two monitors is especially helpful when you are working on two applications at one time, for example, cutting and pasting information. If you are cutting/copying from one source, keep that on one monitor while you keep the application that you are pasting into on the other monitor. You would be surprised at how much quicker you can accomplish a task like this when you use two screens. No longer would you have to minimize and maximize applications for one simple task.
  3. Displaying items for others. There are times when someone is looking over your shoulder in order to see something on your computer. A second monitor allows you to show others what you need them to see without having to huddle around a smaller laptop screen.
  4. Seeing immediate changes or updates. Again, having to minimize and maximized different applications at one time just takes extra clicks. Imagine making a change to your website on one screen with your applicable software and seeing it immediately on your other screen with a simple refresh to the browser.
  5. Enhanced visuals. If you have a laptop that you enjoy watching television or movies on, think of how much better those would be with a huge, second screen! Consider obtaining a larger monitor as your second one for enhanced visuals.

Setup can be very simple, depending on your current computer situation and needs. Most setup information can be found in your computer manual, the monitor’s manual, or online along with tips.

The use of dual monitors is not something that you would miss unless you have already tried it. But, if you work on the computer all the time and can afford to obtain a second monitor, you will be surprised at how much it helps your productivity and eases many tasks that you perform.

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