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5 Bathroom Design Trends For 2014

Bathroom Design
Master Renovators

If you are planning on renovating or redecorating your bathroom in the coming year, you might be interested in some of the trends that you are likely to come across. Remember that this space is where you will rush to get ready in the morning and where you will relax at the end of a long day, so it is important that it is suited to your needs. In this article, we have covered 5 of the bathroom design trends that are set to boom in 2014.

The use of black for faucets, bathtubs, lighting and tiles
If you are looking for some bold contrast in an otherwise neutral bathroom design, we recommend that you introduce hints of black via faucets, bathtubs, lighting and even tiles. This will prevent white spaces from looking too sterile and bland. You will also notice that the curves of the faucets and bathtub will be much more noticeable against the white background, having a much more dramatic effect.

Choose matte tiles in shades of neutral and greiges
Whilst the all-white bathroom makes for a classic and timeless look, those interested in a design with a bit more character should introduce some neutral matte tiles. You will quickly notice that there are plenty of shades available today, from the palest of greys to off blacks, ensuring that you get the perfect match. Try using these tiles underfoot or lining the walls of your shower for a different look.

The installation of showers without curbs
The trend for showers in 2014 is a continuous and seamless look. This means that you will see flooring that runs into the shower rather than being stopped at the curb – this will offer quite a beautiful approach to the bathroom, especially if you’re working with a smaller space. It is also possible to invest in some drains that run along the edge or underneath glass rather than sit in the middle of the shower.

Ledges in showers, behind vanities and freestanding bathtubs
Planning ahead for storage is a trend that should never go out of fashion, but in 2014 designs are getting a little more creative in that every square inch of space will be used. Many people have started integrating ledges so that useful items can be kept on hand whilst still looking neat and tidy. A ledge can look fantastic when it was been wrapped with tile or natural stone, as it appears to be more of a natural feature.

Floating vanities (not just for modern spaces!)
As you have probably noticed, a lot of the bathroom design trends for 2014 revolve around keeping things clean, simple and practical. This is why floating vanities are a no brainer. Because they don’t feature legs, they are the perfect element to give the feeling of more space. This is also very practical from a cleaning perspective and allows you to showcase the beautiful flooring you have chosen for the space.

When planning a bathroom design for your own home, it is important that you take into account your needs alongside the current trends that you would like to follow. Whilst you might love the idea of ledges, if your shower isn’t big enough to accommodate such an addition it is never going to work. This is why it can be helpful to have a professional work with you on the design, as they will be able to make all of your ‘wants’ work together in conjunction with all of your ‘needs’.

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