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5 Bars you're missing out on in Houston

Houston has a lot of bars and clubs for your summer entertain but how ever do you choose? Here are 5 hot summer treasures that you are missing out on:

Swaye Bar
3730 Washington Ave

This laid back bar that took over the place of The Social has been opened for months may have been looked over due to the high-profiled bars & clubs on Washington Avenue.

Why you’re missing out:

This could very well be the place where everybody knows your name, Houston. Swaye Bar has a tasty menu offering all types of cajun and deep-fried appetizers and dishes. When you get there, try the Cajun Cock, a fried chicken sandwich with a Cajun Boudain patty and bacon on top. They also offer daily specials including Haggle Night where patrons can haggle the price of drinks with the bartender, and a bottomless Sunday brunch with bottomless Mimosas. Bellinis, and Bloody Marys. And if you were curious to know, they hold a Shake Weight contest every Wednesday where contestants must continue to shake the Shake weight while attempting to do crazy acts of…well, craziness.

Bar Details

Neighborhood: Washington Ave
Address: 3730 Washington Avenue
Telephone: 713-640-5250
Visit Swaye Bar online

Food Menu and events calendar can be found at their website

The Cellar Bar
3140 Richmond Ave

Located near Upper Kirby, this bar is far from being pretentious. The Cellar Bar is a great place for a low key night with friends or a crazy night of karaoke without feeling too embarrassed to sing.

Why you’re missing out:

The locals around here come out every single night to take part in the events held daily at the bar. Mondays and Fridays are Karaoke nights where no one gets booed for bad singing because everyone's enjoying the $3 kamikaze shots. The DJ may even join in on the song with you if you need help. Thursdays feature a beer pong tournament with $7 pitchers of Lone Star and free Jukebox play all night. The bartenders are helpful and friendly even though they may appear to be bad-asses. On Wednesdays, there is a $50 Wii Bowling tournament held on their 6'x8' projection scree. Almost all the time, there is a food truck parked outside available to feed patrons. No dress code needed for this bar. Come as you are.

Bar Details

Neighborhood: Upper Kirby
Address: 3410 Richmond Avenue
Telephone: 713-528-6435
Visit The Cellar Bar online

Cedar Creek Café, Bar & Grill
1034 W. 20th Street

This should be a no brainer. Part of the Creek Group, Cedar Creek Café, Bar & Grill is the hot spot to be in the Heights. Older or young, the Creek invites them all.

Why you're missing out:

Located in the heart of the Heights on 20th, Cedar Creek offers a cool hang out spot for all types of partygoers. Mostly locals stop by for a drink but the bar attracts a big crowd as Lodge #88's BINGO afterparty on Thursdays. The fun, oh-so charming and attractive bartenders (for both ladies & men) are quick with keeping everyone’s hands supplied with a drink. Drink specials are available. Try the frozen mimosas with a shot of red wine, it will blow your mind. Not only are the drinks strong and tasty, but the food is amazing.

With the kitchen opened 10pm (12am on the weekends), you can order the special of the day, something fried and greasy like the catfish or something much more healthier like the Greek salad. Don’t' forget to feed your java buzz with the many selections of coffee drinks.

This place has it all. As for entertainment, there are no pool tables but Cedar Creek offers a huge patio with, of course, a creek running through it. Televisions are throughout the bar broadcasting sports. The selection of music is played off of someone’s very creative iPod over the bar’s sound system. And there is an old school Miss Pac Man arcade game you can try your luck on. Everyone knows about this place so if you’re going on a Thursday or Friday try getting there as soon as possible to get a table for your party or you’ll be standing for a while.

Bar Details:
Neighborhood: Heights
Address: 1034 W. 20th Street
Telephone: 713-808-9623, 713-808-9134
Visit Cedar Creek Café, Bar & Grill online

Christian’s Tailgate in the Heights
2820 White Oak

You might be familiar with the one in Midtown and its out of control Karaoke nights, or the one on Washington Ave & I-10, voted for the best burger in Houston but now this one will become infamous.

Why you’re missing out:

This new addition to the Christian’s Tailgate franchise is the biggest of all 3 locations. Located on White Oak just a few steps from Fitzgerald’s and the new BB’s Café, the new Christian’s has an indoor and outdoor bar (on their huge covered patio), plenty of seating and it looks nice. They also have the menu with those infamous burgers. So far, all they have is the

Bar Details:
Neighborhood: Heights
Address: 2820 White Oak
Telephone: 713-863-1207
Visit all of Christian's Tailgate's locations online

Pearl Bar
4216 Washington Ave

This is probably the bar that does NOT describe Washington Ave. It’s like partying at your best friend’s basement & backyard party.

Why you’re missing out:

This place is always pumping out great mashups and old school jams that will take you back to your plaid and overall days of the 90s. The drinks are strong and reasonable. The dance floor is always packed. Pearl Bar doesn’t have a strict dress code. If a patio setting is more your thing, take it outside to the patio that is covered with sand and play ping pong or hula hoop. If this isn’t your style there is Salt, The Lot and The Drinkery all a hop, skip and a jump away (literally a hop, skip and a jump away).

Bar Details:
Neighborhood: Washington Avenue
Address: 4216 Washington Avenue
Telephone: 713-868-5337
Visit Pearl Bar online


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