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5 Atlantans Compete in Chevy's SXSW Social Media Road Trip Challenge

This week, Chevy launched a social media contest to promote their new line of cars as part of their sponsorship of this month’s South By Southwest Festival in Austin Texas. The contest selected 8 teams from various points in the U.S., who will travel in Chevy vehicles to Austin, Texas for the conference, completing challenges throughout the road trip. The teams, which are made up of some of the social media rock stars from their region, are using blogs, photo slide sites, video hosting sites, Twitter, and Facebook to document the trip and the completed challenges. The teams represent San Diego, Florida, North Carolina, New York, Chicago, Lansing, Detroit and, of course, Atlanta (#chevyatl).

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#ChevyAtl‘s team includes Linnea Corn (@linneamc), Scott Lockhart (@scott_regator), Kimberly Turner (@kimber_regator), Chris Turner (@chris_regator) and Tessa Horehled (@tessa). The team that completes the most of the 50 challenges and has the most interaction with followers through their social media sites will win the competition. The challenges range from embarrassing but amusing to warm-hearted acts of kindness. For example, #ChevyATL had to take a Sear’s family photo in one challenge then visit an animal shelter in another challenge.

To ensure that our Atlantan’s have an even playing field, be sure to sign up for updates, leave comments and follow them on Twitter at @teamchevyatl, use the hashtag #ChevyATL, on Facebook, and on their blog. Go ChevyATL!

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