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5 articles to benefit hiring managers, recruiters and HR professionals

Those who work in HR, recruiting, staffing and hiring are busy. Their job is much more than posting job ads, interviewing and hiring. Today's corporate world keeps these professionals busy. Here are 5 articles that can benefit these employees and help them find solutions to everyday questions.

Summer HR Housekeeping
Get your policies and procedures in check. Conduct an HR audit. Update technology. Reach out to clients and candidates. Clean out the clutter.

Summer Reading: 8 Books to Inspire and Educate HR Professionals
Summer is a great time to read a good book - and there are many that can help today's recruiter and HR professional. Get a great list here.

Hiring tips: Should you wait until fall to hire?
If key staff members and leaders are out on vacation or working different hours during summer months it may be worth it to wait until fall to hire. Learn more here.

How do you know when it's time to hire?
Do you get a sense employees are burned out? Are they calling in sick more often than usual? Are they seeking more time off or just turning in sloppy work? Maybe you need to hire more staff to give current team members help, or a break.

How to optimize your company LinkedIn page for hiring
LinkedIn is a top tool to recruit candidates. But are you missing out on top talent with a poorly designed LinkedIn company page? Find out what you need to do to succeed here.

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