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5 apps to use for on-the-go, work-from-home entrepreneurs

Owning a small business and working from home are two fantastic accomplishments. Earning income in the confines of your fortress of solitude and balancing a proper work-life relationship can make anyone consider themselves to be happy, lucky, fortunate or any other way to describe it.

Now comes the hard part: managing a profitable venture.

Whether you’re a work-from-home parent, a remote worker who is always on the go or a disorganized entrepreneur, the best way to make sure that the company is run properly and efficiently is to utilize the thousands of latest apps on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

From accounting to search engine optimization, from business management to note dictation, home, work and mobile applications are crucial in today’s world of advanced technology, competitive economies and remote working. To ensure business success and financial growth, using apps would be the prudent way moving forward

With that being said, here are five mobile apps and how to use them for your work-from-home small business when you are on the go getting things done for the house, spending time with your family or fulfilling doctor appointments:


Are you a terrible bookkeeper? Do you have a difficult time creating and maintaining a weekly, monthly and quarterly budget? Well, Expensify is great for businesses so they can manage expenses, file receipts and keep tabs on their spending. With more than one million users and approximately $2 million in expenses processed daily, Expensify can’t go wrong.


Most small businesses and freelancers use PayPal to send and receive payment. But what if you’re on the go and you forgot to send an invoice? Using the PayPal application is easy because it works like the website: it can allow users to send, receive and transfer money from wherever whenever.

Dragon Dictation

In case you forgot to write down an idea you had to innovate your business or you neglected to record an address for a prospective client, Dragon Dictation is an app that allows you to record a short message that is then sent through an email, text message, Facebook or Twitter. This is perfect for those times you forgot to bring a pen and paper with you.


Whether you’re at a restaurant, in the car or on the bus, Dropbox can give its users the opportunity to access important documents, photos and videos on any kind of device (computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone). It holds up to two gigabytes of information for free and additional storage can be added if you refer anyone.


If you just dropped off your children at a music studio or you’re waiting for your significant other to finish getting their teeth cleaned, why not get some tasks done so you can get more work done? AroundMe offers results to locate coffee shops, financial institutions, gas stations and more – some of these places also offer Wi-Fi. This is perfect for individuals who are always on the go, need to get their work finished on time and the chores of the day completed.

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