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5 app based jobs

White Lyft car with pink mustache
White Lyft car with pink mustache
Alfredo Mendez via Flickr

As technology progresses, internet functionality is rapidly becoming more streamline. Companies are now using apps to reach customers directly and this is changing our world more and more each day. Gaming, social media, music and file sharing software have been transformed into mobile applications on your personal handheld device, making everyday tasks and entertainment easier than ever. Recently app markets have been showcasing new companies that allow users to work through an application on their smartphone or tablet. This is the dawn of a whole new type of workforce that is sure to change the market rapidly in the years to come. Here is a list of 5 applications that allow you to work from the palm of your hand.

1. Lyft - By now you have probably seen vehicles around town with pink mustaches. The people who own these vehicles drive for Lyft. Drivers for Lyft are basically personal taxi drivers who pick up customers that have the Lyft application installed on their smartphone. Customers request a ride from a Lyft driver through the app and a driver in the area will accept the ride. Once the ride is accepted, the customer will see a picture of the driver and his car. The app will then notify the customer via GPS of the drivers status on a map. Drivers then drive customers to their destination and an automatic payment will be deposited into the drivers account. Drivers work on their own time and can make upwards of $15.00 an hour as long as there is a need for drivers.

2. Uber - Works very similar to the Lyft application. Drivers go through thorough background investigation to ensure driving ability. Once hired, drivers are sent an iPhone with the Uber app pre installed and a dash mount for the car. Drivers then open the application and accept requests from riders and the app works almost identically to that of Lyft. Drivers are encouraged to provide bottled water for customers and customers rate drivers on a 5 star system. If drivers are constantly rated below 3 stars, they are locked out of the application. Like Lyft, drivers work on their own time and can make upwards of $15.00 per hour as long as there is a need for drivers.

3. Poshmark - This smartphone application allows you to sell directly from your closet. Users can brows for clothing through a large online store. Once you have created an account, take pictures of lightly used clothing and upload them to the Poshmark store with a price-tag. If a customer purchases an item that is posted, Poshmark will send out a shipping address label, simply get a box, stick on the label and send out the package, and the designated account will be credited the listed price minus $2.95 (under $15.00) over $15.00, you keep 80%

4. Postmates - This application allows users to search nearby restaurants and stores and purchase products to be diliverd to them within the hour. Employees of Postmates log on to a Lyft-like application on their smartphone to see and accept current jobs. Once accepted and as long as you have a car, bicycle or scooter, you will go pick up the purchase from the designated store and deliver it to the destination within the hour. Payment is directly deposited into your account. Deliverers can make upwards of $20.00 an hour delivering random products to customers.

5. EasyShift - This application offers users a unique way to make money with their smartphone. Once registered, all you have to do is log in to the application and look for jobs. Jobs very widely from taking pictures of products and merchandise at the local mall to offering your opinion on a certain product. Although this application is not intended for full time work, users can surely keep themselves busy with tasks and make a nice little side income doing it.

This is a list of a few applications that can be used to make a living. The power of the application paired with the internet has opened the doors for many jobs to be outsourced to everyday individuals. Work through one of these applications and become your own boss, making your own hours and have a nice income or side job doing it. There are sure to be many more application based jobs to come in the near future. A large part of the workforce is slowly gravitating towards independent contracting due to convince and practicality. If you need a job jump on the application based job bandwagon and get started as soon as tomorrow!

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