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5 Alternative Healthy Halloween treats


Halloween Candy

Planning on handing out treats this Halloween?

While the ghosts and goblins come around for their trick or treat, little may they consider the effects that sugary candy can have on their health. With childhood obesity ever on the rise and expensive dental treatments due to cavities, they may appreciate some healthy snacks for a change.

Try one or more of the following treats:

Apples - are sweet, crunchy and a good source of fiber.

Oranges - decorate the skin to look like a jack-o-lantern, they provide a good source of vitamin C.

Baby carrots - the small little packets for lunch boxes make the perfect treat for trick-or-treaters.

Pretzels - some stores sell large packages of snack size pretzel packs. Or, buy a large package of pretzels and divide them up into small Halloween treat bags, snack size plastic bags, or wrap a few in plastic wrap with orange ribbon around it.

Raisins - If you can find bags of mini-sized raisin boxes just toss one into the trick-or-treaters bags. Otherwise, purchase the raisins in a can and divide up into small snack bags. Add a Halloween sticker or two on the outside to make it festive.


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