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5.15 Sake Pairing Dinner at Crustacean Beverly Hills

Crustacean An's Famous Roasted Crab
Crustacean An's Famous Roasted Crab

Crustacean Beverly Hills will be hosting another exciting event showcasing eight different ‘tastes’ with the sake pairing lineup from the Japan’s renown premium breweries, Chiyomusubi and Yamagata Honten.

This will be a great opportunity to learn and explore the beauty of sake while enjoying the Crustacean’s signature dishes, of course, including the An’s Famous Roasted Crab. This is not just a dinner hosted by the local reps, but Sakemakers and Sake World VIPs will be flying from Japan to join as guest presenters. With the great support from the breweries, Crustacean will offer this $280/person worth dinner at the special price of $125 per person. Limited to 15 seats. (for rsvp info, see below)

Chiyomusubi Sake Brewery, established in 1865, is one of the top sake producers in Japan located in the Tottori Prefecture, the Southwest of the mainland Japan. This region is abundant of quality seafood, in particular, known for its tasty Crab. Chiyomusubi is made in a way that would compliment Crab’s complex amino acids which brings up more umami taste. Guests will enjoy the Tokubetsu Junmai with the Crustacean’s signature An’s Famous Roasted Crab.

On the other hand, Yamagata Honten Sake Brewery, established in 1875, is from Yamaguchi Prefecture in the Southwest of the mainland Japan. This brewery is known for its fusion of strict tradition with the modern technologies. One of the highlights would be the Mikan orange sake made with local fresh Mikan oranges. This sake has a balanced acidity with a touch of sweetness and pairs just perfectly with exotic Asian sauces. 

Crustacean's Pairing Menu:


Ahi Tuna Taco - green papaya, red jalapeno, red onion, cilantro & sweet chili vinaigrette
Seafood Ocean Roll - dungeness crab, shrimp & seaweed wrapped in rice paper

Chicken Meatball - ground chicken, basil, tofu, carrots & gochujang sauce

Crispy Rice Paper Roll - chicken, black mushrooms & vermicelli with lemon-chili oil liaison

Second Course

Rice Ho-Fun Ravioli - pacific prawns, braised fennel, caramelized shallots & soy-sesame emulsion

Main Course

An’s Famous Roasted Crab charbroiled with secret spices 
An’s Famous Garlic Noodle


Traditional Vietnamese Banana Fritters served à la mode

*The menu is subject to change without prior notice. No adjustment will be accepted.


1: Email your contact information with the title “Sake Dinner 515” to Crustacean’s Sake Sommelier

2: Crustacean’s event coordinator will contact you for Credit Card Authorization (you will not be charged at this moment).

3: You will come on the day to enjoy the dinner! Please note if you are NO SHOW, you will be charged a full $125 on your credit card.

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