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5/1: Mixology: The Science of Sake

5/1: Attend the Science of Sake at the Maryland Science Center
5/1: Attend the Science of Sake at the Maryland Science Center
Photo by Dan Kitwood

On Thursday, May 1, the Maryland Science Center will host Tiffany Dawn Soto, master sake sommelier, for part of its science of adult beverages series. The Science of Sake is an interactive tasting of four sakes that explores the various flavor profiles available in sake while illustrating the diversity within the genre.

Where: Maryland Science Center

When: May 1 from 7-9pm

How Much? $50 per ticket ($45 for members), includes light fare and drinks (sake and Japanese beers)

With every sip, attendees will learn about the libation’s rich cultural history, the science behind the brewing process, the meanings behind different grade designations, and how production regions affect taste. By the end of the evening, attendees will be able to navigate any sake list with ease while demonstrating an understanding of the cultural norms associated with drinking this mysterious beverage.

The Science of Sake is designed to be a fun, informative and social evening that is appealing to both experienced and novice sake drinkers alike.

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