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4th of July fireworks cause anxiety for pets

Fireworks can cause extrmeme aniety in pets.
Fireworks can cause extrmeme aniety in pets.
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With annual July 4 celebrations underway it’s important to protect your pets from the loud noises and bright lights produced by fireworks. What so many of us consider a beautiful and fun display can be a terrifying experience for our furry friends, both indoors and outside.

Outdoor, free roaming pets may run miles from home and some may never find their way back. Animal shelters across the country report the Independence Day season to be one of their biggest times for stray pet intake.

Indoor pets may become so stressed that they will bolt from an open door. If you have guests coming and going throughout your celebration, make sure to secure your indoor pets by placing them in a kennel or keeping them in a separate, closed, room of your home during the festivities. Try soothing pets indoors by leaving on a television or radio to help drown out the loud noises produced by fireworks.

Free roaming pets should be confined during fireworks displays. Place them in a pen, a kennel, stall, or tether them while fireworks are being shot off. If at all possible, take them indoors.

Always make sure your pet is wearing identification containing your name a telephone number in case they do escape. Microchips are always a great protection but identification tags are almost always a sure method to insure you receive contact if your pet is found roaming.

Some pet owners report that the use of a “Thunder Shirt” helps sooth pet anxiety.

Should your pet run off, make sure to contact your local pet shelter or rescue to make a lost pet report.

Please note that animals are not the only ones stressed or frightened by the loud noised caused by fireworks. Humans that have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), such as combat veterans, are often traumatized by the loud explosions and bright lights of fireworks. If you live in a neighborhood with a combat veteran, please consider shooting off your fireworks in a location away from their home.

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