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4th of July and party handmade recycled storybook confetti

Handmade recycled storybook confetti
Handmade recycled storybook confetti

It is fun and easy to make your own party decorations. You can make your very own recycled storybook confetti to celebrate the upcoming 4th of July and even a birthday party!

You will need:

An old storybook. Perhaps a book that has seen better days, colored or written in by a younger sibling and even a cheap thrift shop or yard sale find!

A pair of regular notebook paper hole puncher tool. These can be found at local dollar stores, box stores, grocery stores and office supply stores.

A surface to work on. The top of a shoe box, construction paper or a similar sturdy surface will work the best.

A small bag , zip lock bag or plastic container with a lid to house your handmade confetti.

To create your confetti:

Prepare your work area by gathering all of your necessary supplies and preparing your surface work station.

Easily tear out pages in your storybook.

Begin to punch holes in the storybook pages.

As you make the confetti, place the confetti in your bag or plastic container for safe keeping.

Once you have made the confetti and cleaned up the work area, you can save the confetti for your upcoming party or holiday BBQ table. Please remember to recycle the unused paper material from the storybook.On the big day, you can sprinkle the confetti on the food table. You can even use the confetti to accompany an invitation for the big event!

Have fun making your own storybook confetti!


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