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4J Studios shifts focus to make ‘Minecraft’ on Xbox One and PS4 a top priority

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition
Minecraft: Xbox One Edition
Photo courtesy of 4J Studios, used with permission

The developer responsible for releasing Minecraft on the Xbox 360 and PS3 is also currently working to bring the sandbox title to the new generation of consoles. While 4J Studios announced the upcoming Xbox One and PS4 editions of Minecraft before the launch of the platforms, development of the updated versions of the game was delayed in order to work on content for the title’s existing versions. However, according to a report by Breathe Cast on May 2, the developer has now fully shifted their attention to make the launch of Minecraft on Xbox One and PS4 their top priority.

When the Xbox One and PS4 versions of Minecraft were first announced last year, they were originally intended to be launch titles that would be available the day that the new consoles released. However, 4J Studios made the decision to delay the games so that they could have more time to work on the title’s last-gen editions. At the time, the PS3 version of Minecraft had also yet to be released and the developer wanted to see both older platforms have the game before moving on to Xbox One and PS4.

The new-gen editions of Minecraft are expected to release later this year. Mojang’s Owen Hill recently told fans that he expects that the Playstation 4 version of the game could be out as early as the year’s second financial quarter. It was also recently confirmed that players will be able to take their existing Minecraft world saves and transfer them to the coming updated editions within the same console family. This means that gamers who are playing on the Xbox 360 and import their save to the Xbox One in order to continue playing the same game.

Minecraft is now available to download on both Xbox Live Arcade and the PS Store. Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition can also be currently found in retails stores, while the PS3 version of the game is also scheduled to receive a physical retail disc release later this month.