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4Chan didn’t release Jennifer Lawrence nude photos? Scandal points elsewhere

4Chan was originally thought to post stolen pictures from Jennifer Lawrence
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

The website 4Chan has gotten more publicity from Hollywood in the past 24 hours than what it could have bought in a year. With fans around the country searching for nude photos of celebrities, the source keeps coming back to 4Chan users. According to Gawker on Monday, the website might not be the source of all the naked pictures but from an entirely different website called AnonIB. We have just verified with our Hollywood sources that it is possible hackers used this site to allegedly distribute the images online without being detected and it could have been the original source way before the images were posted on 4Chan.

Focusing on ladies with no clothes, the site reportedly is an offshoot of the 4Chan site and allegedly an independent website. The site is set up to share images that aren't safe for work and the images are completely outrageous when it comes to privacy issues around Hollywood celebrities.

The Hollywood scandal has authorities involved and there is no doubt people are looking for the initial source. While those individuals who shared the images along the way might be in trouble, but finding the source is important to make sure no more photos are released. Someone needs to work quickly as there are over 100 celebrities on the master list that allegedly have been hacked.

Talking to industry executives today (yes, even on a national holiday) it is obvious the primary concern is stopping the hackers before more photographs are released. Our sources share there is deep concern about the impact these pictures will make on the entertainment business in the immediate future as well as the entertainer’s careers.

Check back all day for continuous updates on this Hollywood scandal.

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