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4A Games explains ‘Metro Redux’ pricing

4A Games, the developer behind the “Metro 2033” and “Metro: Last Light” series, addressed concerns over the price points of the upcoming remastered versions of both games on the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on Friday after websites and gamers on messages boards across the web questioned what would be included in the new versions of the games.

4A Games explains ‘Metro Redux’ pricing
4A Games

4A defended their pricing system (both games will initially sell for $24.99 each, with every DLC from the original included. Gamers who own the older versions on PC can also pre-order the “redux” versions for 50 percent off) by saying that the original “Metro 2033” was much more than just a patch of the original games. According to 4A, "Metro: 2033 Redux" will be completely rebuilt to run in 4A’s newest engine,while “Metro: Last Light” was significantly updated as well. “Last Light” will also feature a new “Survival Mode,” while both games will feature the uber difficult “Ranger” mode.

According to the game's publisher Deep Silver, the "Survival Mode" will feature less ammo, slower reload speed and quicker enemies.

The added work in the "Redux" versions 4A games said involved the hard work of 80 employees at the company for almost a year.

“We thought this was a great offer – but while there are many who are clearly very happy with the deal, it's been made clear on the Steam discussions here that there are others who think we have not done enough for owners of the existing games,” 4A Games said on the game’s Steam Community page on Friday.

“Some think we should have released these as ‘free’ updates, or offered a bigger discount (particularly on Metro: Last Light Redux).”

Heralded by critics and fans, "Metro: 2033" has sold 740,000 combined copies on the XBox 360 and PC since its initial release in 2010, according to video games sales tracker Its sequel, "Metro: Last Light," released in 2012, has also sold 740,000 combined units on the PC, XBox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Metro Redux” is set for a August 26 release on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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