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49ers' wild card game against the Packers has Germany watching

Aaron Rogers in warmer weather. Wild card game at Lambeau between Packers and 49ers
Aaron Rogers in warmer weather. Wild card game at Lambeau between Packers and 49ers
©R. Allan Schnoor

The wild card playoff game between the Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49ers has a wide range of fans who have weathered a variety of obstacles to attend today’s January 5th wild card game at Lambeau field.

Stephan Linsheid meets his favorite player Gilbert Brown
©R. Allan Schnoor

34-year old Stefan Linsheid, a statistician from Munich Germany, has a one of the more unique and best traveled stories. He flew into Chicago for the last game of the season only to find out his trip would have to be extended because of the Packers’ victory and participation in today’s game against the 49ers.

“I had a lot of great game experiences, but the touchdown pass to Cobb with 40 seconds left in the game against the Bears was just awesome. I booked my flight to Chicago for that game and then to Green Bay for the wildcard weekend not knowing if there was a game or not.”

Before leaving to the pregame tailgating action, Stefan gave me a little insight of his trip and how he became a Packers fan.

Stefan’s all-time favorite player is Gilbert Brown who he had the opportunity to meet at the Stadium View Bar where Brown was signing autographs along with Fuzzy Thurston and Paul Hornung.

“The Gravedigger was one of the, if not the most important reasons why I became a Packer fan. Just a huge dude, the 'shovel' after a sack was just hilarious and when they mentioned hat he has a burger named after him I just fell in love with the Gravedigger.”

On today's team, Aaron Rodgers and the Claymaker (Clay Mathews) are his favorite players, but the nod goes to Randall Cobb.

“I love to see what he did in college and on draft day when the Packers were on the clock in the second round and Cobb was still there I was just screaming around 'GET COBB, GET COBB'. And then I saw him on the phone and I guess my neighbors sleep was over for the night,” Linsheid said.

He became a Packer fan when I watched my first NFL game ever, it was Super Bowl XXXI (Packers vs Patriots).

“I saw Brett Favre and Reggie White playing, the Gravedigger as well, they mentioned the big tradition the Packers have and hat the team is owned by the fans and not a single billionaire, that really impressed me.”

“And now I own the Packers by myself, at least a little bit, as I got my share the last time they sold the certificates.”

Linsheid was at the first game they played in London just to see how it was. And believes it’s an American sport.

“For me the NFL belongs to where it is, the US. It's the National Football League, not the Intercontinental Football League. I'll be in London if the Packers are playing there, but for no one else.”

“Of course I'll be back in Green Bay next year.”

He started to go to Green Bay in 2008 when he finished university and earned my money to go there. Since that time I was here every year for at least two games.”

He plans on being a lifelong fan it seems.

“I can't wait until April when the schedule is released to see which games I'll see in 2014. Now I’m ready for some football!!!!!!!! GO PACK GO!!!!!!”

He also wanted to make sure everyone in the U.S. knows

“That all Germans don’t like warm beer! They like it cold just like everyone else.”

I have a feeling the cold weather in Green Bay where it’s supposed to be right around -2 degrees won’t have any effect on Stefan or his beer being warm.

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