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49ers, thawing out from Green Bay, prepare for Carolina Panthers

The 49ers escaped the cold weather and the Packers to advance against the  Carolina Panthers Sunday
The 49ers escaped the cold weather and the Packers to advance against the Carolina Panthers Sunday
©R. Allan Schnoor

This week in Charlotte, North Carolina, the weather can only be better for the San Francisco 49ers than this past week in Green Bay where it was sub-zero, minus-everything weather.

©R. Allan Schnoor
©R. Allan Schnoor

The 49ers face the Carolina Panthers for the second time this season and look for a better result.

In the first meeting two months ago, hurt were Eric Reid, Ray McDonald, Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree.

Without arguably the core of their offense and a key, rookie-turned-seasoned-pro cornerback, the 49ers only lost 10-9 on a Graham Gano 53-yard field goal in perfect weather conditions.

“We’ll be ready come Sunday. We started preparing as soon as the flight from Green Bay hit the ground,” Harbaugh said.

The Panthers held the 49ers to 91 yards passing and 105 yards rushing in the first game and with Davis and Crabtree back those numbers only have to get better.

“They’re definitely the best front seven we’ve seen all season,” Harbaugh said.

Two, long 25-yard plus Kaepernick scrambles against Green Bay might have been the difference in their win.

Colin Kaepernick looked like a gazelle on the bad field in Green Bay.” Harbaugh said.

“It’s definitely beneficial for the offense because you know where you’re going.”

“When we drafted Colin we never thought, or took into account how good he’d be on bad fields. Colin’s a good quarterback, period. “Harbaugh said.

Either way it’s good to know, “We’ve got a good, bad-weather quarterback.”

After the first loss against Carolina, ending a 5-game 49ers’ win streak, Harbaugh was quoted as saying,

“We have to regroup, refit, reorganize and bounce back.”

Upon ending a press conference Tuesday, in balmy 60-degree west coast weather of a completely still-frozen country, Harbaugh waxed poetic,

“You’re only as good as your last four quarters and the next four quarters you have to prove it.”

Here’s their chance, and, bounced back they have, one win away from a second consecutive NFC Championship showdown against a yet-to-be determined opponent.

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