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49ers Q&A: What are the Packers most concerned about?

Colin Kaepernick
Colin Kaepernick
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

I went to Twitter for your questions and here are some answers:

From @BenjaminMKurt: Can Kaepernick run past the [Green Bay] defense like in last year's playoffs? Have they been setting up all year for him to break out?

To answer your first question, yes and no. If Colin Kaepernick goes scrambling for a huge touchdown or a long run, it will be because of a broken play. The Packers defense spent a good portion of last offseason at Texas A&M University on how to stop the read-option type of plays after being embarrassed last January. In the first meeting for 2013, Green Bay respected the run and kept a close eye on Kaepernick trying to run away if possible. While anything is possible, I don't expect a touchdown-run off a read-option keeper.

For the second question, the playbook could very well be hidden for all the plays to be used in the postseason. While I don't expect a massive amount of trick plays to happen, Colin Kaepernick could have a chance to break out if the game plan allows him to, which wouldn't be surprising.


From @aribertramking: [Green Bay's] passing attack is [the] biggest concern for the Niners, but what are [the Packers] most concerned about? [Runs with Kaepernick, Gore and Hunter or] Kap's arm?

While Mike McCarthy didn't respond directly to this answer, one concern according to Mike Vandermause, is the third down defense. In Week 1's meeting, the 49ers went 9 for 18 on third down and every one of them was important. On the final drive which resulted in a Phil Dawson field goal, Colin Kaepernick found Vernon Davis on a key third down while hitting Anquan Boldin on a fourth down to eat the clock and keep the drive alive.

Green Bay was killed in the passing game when Kaepernick kept throwing towards Anquan Boldin as the 49ers made just enough plays to hold on and win. With Michael Crabtree back this time around, Green Bay will have its hands full trying to guard both WRs and Vernon Davis.


From @jshed79: Am I crazy, or has [Carlos] Rogers become more of a liability in coverage than an asset? It appears [Atlanta] and [Arizona] picked on him.

No, you are not crazy at all. Carlos Rogers has played poorly in his last two games and he might not even play on Sunday with a hamstring injury. One specific play that stands out was a 59-yard catch and run to Drew Davis where he took gamble up close and let the receiver get past him.

Last Sunday against the Cardinals, Rogers and Tramaine Brock were allowing plays left and right to Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd. He isn't at complete fault for the passing defense's problems, but it's easy to point out what he has allowed.

Rogers has an $8 million cap hit for the 2014 season and it would not be surprising if he becomes one of the first cap causalities this offseason.


From @stevepeteSD: Are [there] worries about any particular players in the cold this week?

The only player who is in unfamiliar territory is rookie FS Eric Reid. Several players on this team have played in a cold situation, including a freezing game in Buffalo back in 2008. Reid played in the SEC conference where the coldest temperatures in the South are no where near what the midwest brings. Players might take time to adjust in the first half, but everyone should be okay after practicing today in a walkthrough.

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