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49ers 2014 Draft: Biography of all 12 picks

Jimmie Ward (left) is the 49ers first round draft pick
Jimmie Ward (left) is the 49ers first round draft pick
Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Here is a biography of all the 49ers 2014 NFL Draft picks from the 2012 NFL Draft. Ten of the 12 bios include a quote from the player or one about him:

1. DB Jimmie Ward, Northern Illinois (5-11, 193 pounds) First Round, 30th overall:

Ward is a versatile defensive back who can play safety, but is built to also play press coverage as a cornerback. The 49ers plan to have him compete as the team's nickel back and possibly be a future SS when Antoine Bethea's time is done. He is one of the most physical defensive backs in the Draft.

Quote: "It’s going to be a lot on my shoulders because I’m going to try to learn two spots. I’m not going to try, I am. I’m going to learn two spots. It’s going to be more complex because it’s the NFL and I’m just coming from college, but it’s dedication. If it’s something you love, you’ll get the job done."


2. RB Carlos Hyde, Ohio State (6-0, 230 pounds) Second Round, 57th overall

Hyde is a running back who can be a bruiser for the 49ers power ground game. He is a downhill runner who does well between the tackles and can slip through defenders. With his large frame, Hyde could be the heir to Frank Gore, who enters his contract season with the 49ers.

Quote: "I am definitely going to get there and compete to get that starting job and keep that running game alive that Frank Gore brought to the 49ers. I embrace competition. I love competing. I feel like competition brings out the best in me. So, I’m really looking forward to getting out there and competing right away. And might bring some to my game that I haven’t seen."


3. C Marcus Martin, USC (6-3, 320 pounds) Third Round, 70th overall

Martin is a powerful run blocker who has tremendous size for an interior offensive lineman. While the 49ers extended Daniel Kilgore through the 2017 season, Martin will be immediate competition for him in training camp to be the starting center. He is adequate in pass protection, but lacks the grit in the short term. Martin is also capable of playing guard if needed.

Quote: "I’m going to do whatever the coaches ask me to do. Whatever position that they need me to play I’m going to be willing to play. I’m going to come in and compete and represent my organization the best way I can.”


4. ILB Chris Borland, Wisconsin (5-11, 248 pounds) Third Round, 77th overall

Borland was taken with a draft pick that remains as part of the return package for Alex Smith. He is a linebacker who can fill in as a backup and will compete with Michael Wilhoite to be the starter to fill in for NaVorro Bowman. Borland is athletically slower than most linebackers, but he is a good run stopper with great awareness.

Quote: "I expect [NaVorro] Bowman to make a comeback. He’s a great player and it’s just still way too early to look that far. I think San Francisco’s got a proven coaching staff and a bunch of proven players on defense. So, I’m just going to find my role and play whatever that is.”


5. OT Brandon Thomas, Clemson (6-3, 317 pounds) Third Round, 100th overall

Thomas would have been a first or second round draft pick had he not torn his ACL while doing a pre-draft workout for the New Orleans Saints last spring. Like Marcus Lattimore before him, Thomas is expected to sit out the entire 2014 season on the non-football injury list and be ready for 2015. He's an offensive tackle who has great size and is an athletic gap blocker.

Quote from Trent Baalke: "We really had him valued high. He was the highest player on our board once again when we made our pick. It was just, the value was too high to pass up. He’s a guy that’s going to come in here, rehab, most likely redshirt just like [RB] Marcus [Lattimore] did a year ago and we’ll see where he’s at after he goes through all of the rehab. But, we expect him to rehab fine.”


6. WR Bruce Ellington, South Carolina (5-9, 197 pounds) Fourth Round, 106th overall

Ellington will be an immediate special teams contributor for kickoffs and will be learning how to return punts. He fielded only three punts in his final collegiate season. On offense, Ellington could be a weapon in the screen game similar to Darren Sproles and he brings a deep threat to the 49ers WR corps. Ellington was also a basketball point guard before he chose football as his sport and will reunite with South Carolina teammate Marcus Lattimore.

Quote: "Marcus [Lattimore] is a team player and while I was there, he was kind of one of the guys who came to me and told me to come out and play football, come out and help the team. So, we have a good relationship. It’s going to make it even better when I get up there.”


7. CB Dontae Johnson, NC State (6-2, 200 pounds) Fourth Round, 129th overall

Johnson fits the mold of a tall, physical cornerback who hopes to counter the top WRs in the NFL. He is a great athlete, but Vic Fangio will need to develop his coverage skills in order to be successful.

Quote: "To compete every day in the film room, everything, weight room, anything involving the 49ers and just go out there and compete and just love to play the game of football. Respect it enough to where I do everything right on and off the field. It’s definitely an honor. But, going into a comparison, it would definitely be a great comparison to Richard Sherman, but I still have work to get there. I’m not Richard Sherman, I’m Dontae Johnson and hopefully I’ll hope to build my name just off of my work ethic."


8. OLB Aaron Lynch, South Florida (6-5, 249 pounds) Fifth Round, 150th overall

Lynch is an extremely athletic defensive end who will transition to an outside linebacker in the NFL. Some scouts have viewed him as one of the best players in the draft, but his stock fell due to character concerns off the field. He could develop into a quality pass rusher when motivated.

Quote: "[I am] somebody with just a motor and a motive to just do whatever he can for the team. I’m coming in to play. I’m coming in to do what I can to help this team win a championship, go back to it. We have the whole team, the whole defense, the whole offense, everybody, there’s talent everywhere and I’m just another guy coming in to work hard and I’m versatile, so I can do whatever they want me to do. I can play special teams. I can play offense. I can play defense. Just, whatever the coaches want me to do I’m going to come in and do and I’m going to do it to my full potential and whatever I can give to them.”


9. CB Keith Reaser, Florida Atlantic (5-10, 189 pounds) Fifth Round, 170th overall

Reaser is coming off a torn ACL which he suffered last October and has his second surgery in February. He's a fast cornerback who could run a 4.3 second 40-yard dash with good strength and athleticism. Reaser will most likely "redshirt" and miss the 2014 NFL season by spending it on the non-football injury list. He has experience at returning kickoffs, but didn't play on special teams much in his senior year.

Quote: "I think I’m a guy that can do it all. Press. I can play off. I think I’m an all-around guy. I think I know the game well. I think I pick up on the defense. I think I’m an all-around corner.”


10. CB Kenneth Acker, Southern Methodist (6-0, 190 pounds) Sixth Round, 180th overall

Acker had an impressive pro day and can be an immediate contributor on special teams. He should be competing with other cornerbacks for a spot on the roster. One of his biggest strengths is his leaping ability, where he had a 36-inch vertical jump. Acker's stock also improved during the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl and can be plugged into any secondary position.

Quote: “I feel like I just bring a lot of versatility to the team. I’m able to learn things really fast and feel like I’m a player that’s just out there and hungry at all times. I’m a real bad competitor. I love to win. I hate to lose. It really irks me so I’m just a guy that’s going to go out there and do it as best as I can. I like to put on a show for the fans and everything because I’m a fan of football and I like a good game. I feel like I just give back to the people just like me when I was watching the game. I feel like I’m versatile, I’m a hard worker and I’m just ready to get in there and do whatever for the team I can.”


11. DE Kaleb Ramsey, Boston College (6-3, 293 pounds) Seventh Round, 243rd overall

Ramsey is strong defensive lineman who has injury concerns. He has suffered four different injuries in his football career, but when healthy he can bring a good disruption on the front-four. Ramsey is a good tackler who hopes to have a role as a rotational lineman.

Quote from Baalke: "Good football player. A very versatile football player. Has played all along the front at Boston College. A guy that can play three-technique, can play four-technique, has played some five-technique, gives you some inside pass rush. A very athletic big man and has played at a lot of different weights. So, he’s a guy that has one of those body types that you can kind of massage to what you want him to be. A guy that could get down and play some stand up on his feet. He’s athletic enough to do that. Or a guy that you keep the weight on and you make him an end in a three-technique in your sub package stuff."


12. FB Trey Millard, Oklahoma (6-2, 247 pounds) Seventh Round, 245th overall

Millard could be a future "Swiss Army Knife" on offense with his ability to play multiple positions. While he is best suited as a FB, he can also be an extra blocker and running back if needed as well as contributing on special teams. He is coming off a torn ACL, but there is a possibility he can play in 2014 as he had surgery last fall. Millard will be a long-term player to learn multiple positions and roles.

Quote from Baalke: "He’s a fullback in our system and that is a varied role if you look we play [FB] Bruce [Miller]. He’s going to be a guy that’s going to be asked to block, a guy that’s going to be asked to get out into routes, block both run and pass game and also at times, although it be vary few, they get the football. So, he’s a well-rounded guy and has played a lot of ball at a high level.”


The 49ers also added the following undrafted free agents:

QB Kory Faulkner, Southern Illinois (6-3, 224 pounds)

OLB Morgan Breslin, USC (6-1, 240 pounds)

S L.J. McCray, Catawba (6-0. 215 pounds)

C Dillon Farrell, New Mexico (6-4, 303 pounds)

OT Fou Fonoti, Michigan State (6-4, 308 pounds)

LB Shane Skov, Stanford (6-2, 245 pounds)

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