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'48 Hours' CBS Richard Schlesinger reports on 'Death at the Parsonage'

Richard Schlesinger
CBS Television

48 Hours” (CBS) can be seen each Saturday evening at 10/9 p.m. Last night's episode on Jan. 4, 2014 was called, “Death at the Parsonage.” In the overnight TV ratings it grabbed 4.75 million TV viewers overall. It reached a 0.7 with the all important 18 to 49 adult demographic. Marvel's “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” (ABC) garnered a 2.29 overall & 0.6 with adults.

48 Hours” reports on crime investigations in the United States. Last night's episode, “Death at the Parsonage” is described by CBS like this - “An apparent suicide in a Pennsylvania church exposes secrets a twice-widowed pastor wants to keep hidden.” Richard Schlesinger reports & narrates.

“Death” opened with an introduction by “48 Hours” giving montage clips of what is to come in the full episode. Family members talk about the death of Joe Musante who committed suicide in a church that he had belonged to. As the police investigates. They uncover information about a pastor in that church who is mysteriously surrounded by death.

Rose Cobb found out about the suicide of her brother named Joe Musante back in October of 2008. When she attended his memorial service at Reeds, Penn. She also found out that Joe's wife Cindy was having an affair with her pastor, with whom she was an assistant in the church. The pastor's name was Arthur Burton Schirmer (People called him A.B.). Cindy told Rose that it was an emotional love & she was “giddy” about A.B.

The daughter of Joe named Samantha Musante felt betrayed by her mother having this so called affair. She even tried to break them up by sending a private email asking A.B, to stop things with Cindy. He didn't & admitted that nothing was going between him & his assistant.

Her father Joe asked Samantha if the affair was true & she said “yes.” He confronted his wife Cindy & she said that she would stop the affair. She didn't however & bought a private phone. Later, Joe shot himself in the pastor's office on the very desk he made with his own bare hands.

Rose Cobb went to the police about Cindy's affair with the pastor. She also did her own investigation on A.B. She found that his “2” former wives had died mysteriously. One from a fall down a staircase & the other from a car crash by swerving, as not to hit a deer in the road. The police then began their own investigations into those deaths.

When the church found out about the pastor's affair. A.B, was let go of his duties & Cindy stood by his side. As investigators delved into the deaths of those former wives. Both of them received the same kind of head injuries from a blunt object.

What caused Rose Cobb to seek out information on the pastor? Will the police charge A.B, with two homicides? What really happened to Joe Musante? - You can watch the full episode at the official “48 Hours” website.

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