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48 bodies found in one room of ferry: 48 bodies found in one ferry room for 38

The 48 bodies found in one room of the ferry that sank in South Korea paints a harrowing picture of 48 frightened girls that crammed together in a dormitory room that was meant to hold only 38 people. The story told by the dead bodies found in just one ferry room shows that the 48 girls obeyed all orders given to them by the crew members, and still, none of them survived, reports CNN on April 25.

South Korean mourners weep after tribute at a group memorial altar for victims of sunken passengers ship at the Ansan Olympic Memorial Hall on April 23, 2014 in Ansan, South Korea.
Photo by Chung Sung-Jun

The report that the bodies of the girls had been found by divers in one room of the ferry was made on Friday by rescue officials. All of the bodies recovered were those of girls, and all of them had been wearing lifejackets. The 48 girls were only 16 or 17 years old and were part of a school group from a high school in Ansan, south of Seoul. The girls were among 476 people on the South Korean ferry Sewol on April 16.

The Sewol was on its way from Incheon port to the southern tourist island of Jeju when it made a sharp turn, rolled over, and sank into the chilly waters of the Yellow Sea. On the fateful day, only 174 passengers were taken from the sea. Out of the remaining 302 passengers, merely 187 bodies have been recovered so far. An additional 115 bodies are still unaccounted for and missing. “The ferry's captain and 10 crew members have been arrested on charges ranging from criminal negligence to abandoning passengers,” reports the BBC.

Divers who found the bodies of the 48 girls in one ferry room described the girls as being huddled together in cold darkness with everything floating around them. One of the divers described it similar to a room that is being flipped over. The room where the bodies of the girls were found is only one of 35 rooms that divers have been able to explore so far. The ferry had 111 rooms, but the recovery is proceeding slowly because divers can stay for only about 10 minutes inside the ship at a time. The bodies of the 48 girls were found in a single dormitory room. According to a correspondent, “the presence of so many victims in the cabin suggested many had run into the room when the ship tilted.”

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