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48 bodies found in one room of ferry: Divers make a sad discovery

48 bodies found in one room of ferry off the coast of South Kerry adds to the number found.
48 bodies found in one room of ferry off the coast of South Kerry adds to the number found.
Photo by Chung Sung-Jun

A total of 48 bodies were found in one room of the ferry off the coast of South Korea. The ferry sank over a week ago, and the search for bodies continues. Since the sinking of the Sewol, 185 bodies have been retrieved. These new bodies were all girls, and they were found in a room that was meant to hold a total of 30 people. On April 25, Slate reported on the discovery by divers searching the ferry.

It is still not known what caused the ferry to sink off the coast of Jindo in South Korea. However, the crew of the ferry, including the captain, have been arrested for the accident. It is believed that an increased passenger load and a shift of the cargo on board caused the sinking. The ferry is now resting 240 feet below the surface of the water. On April 16, the ferry tilted and sank to the bottom. There are still 117 missing, and they are inside the ferry. On the day of the sinking, rescuers managed to bring 174 to safety, but not everyone could be saved.

President Barack Obama is now in South Korea, and he gave his condolences to President Park Geun-hye after his arrival. He admitted that his visit is coming at a time of 'great sorrow' for the country, according to New York Daily News. He thought of his own daughters because many of the victims of the tragedy were near the ages of his own children. They had 'their entire lives ahead of them.'

Since the sinking, there have been issues with making sure the bodies reached the right families. This has caused anger by the families. The search for the remaining bodies will continue.What do you think of this sad discovery?