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$475M Powerball jackpot: On track to break records

$475M Powerball jackpot: On track to break records
$475M Powerball jackpot: On track to break records
Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images

It was reported on May 16, 2013, that the $475 million Powerball jackpot is on track to break records. According to ABC News there was no winner on Wednesday of the $360 million prize.

"The jackpot has soared to $475 million after none of the tickets sold matched all the winning numbers in Wednesday night's drawing: 2, 11, 26, 34, 41 and a Powerball of 32."

The jackpot is now the second largest for Powerball and the third in lottery history. It is on track to possibly exceed the largest in history. In 2012 there was a $656 million Mega Millions and $587.5 million Powerball jackpot which rank as the largest ever.

Record jackpots are occurring with increasing frequency. What used to take months to achieve is now happening in only weeks. Odds are very much against winning, but you need to play to have any opportunity at all.

Saturday will be when the next Powerball drawing is held. In a recent story, "Lotto mistake $14M: Single mom wins lottery", a happy accident resulted in a $14 million prize. Thuan Le bought an extra ticket by mistake and won. Anything is possible as long as you take a chance.

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