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46 Days Until Spring

Cover crops are organic gardening alternatives to chemical soil improvements.
Cover crops are organic gardening alternatives to chemical soil improvements.
Sylvia Hoehns Wright

Are you counting the days until it is officially Spring? For year 2014, the first day of Spring occurs Thursday March 20th.

An earlier year event intended to inspire gardeners nation-wide, 'national garden catalog' month occurred in January. It was an opportunity to identify plants well-known for their sustainability and explore new additions. For those who use on-line resources, there is a web site Cyndi's Catalog of Garden Catalogs which provides access to almost all categories of landscape garden supplies. Niche resources can be identified through the option of 'google search' or national resource organizations such as the National Gardening Association or American Horticulture Society as well as regional garden clubs, community Extension Services, or horticulture educational sites such as public gardens.

In addition to a traditional focus of garden catalogs, there are other creative ways to celebrate the arrival of Spring. On weather permitting days, host community 'green clean up' days, schedule a review of a plant propagation book, schedule a seed exchange or plant swap, or include a seasonal special project such as 'plant a row for the Hungary'.

As one of the people who dig in the dirt, I challenge you to make year 2014's focus 'plant more plants'. For, presently, I’ve reviewed planting projects and placed orders for additional plants. In fact, today, I started a tray of early spring veggie seedlings in order to jump start a Spring harvest. So, be aware it is not too late to celebrate the arrival of Spring with creative activities.

In fact, perhaps, a more important question than ‘are you counting the days until Spring’ is “what are you doing in anticipation of the opportunity of another planting season?