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$450 million is probably worth being married to Mel Gibson for decades

...and toss it up and let it hit me on the head
...and toss it up and let it hit me on the head

Remember how, besides having a mistress whose life he threatens and whose rape he encourages, Mel Gibson was like, married and stuff? Well, looks like an end is finally near for Mel and Robyn Gibson. Robyn filed for divorce after 29 years of marriage in 2009 because mistresses are one thing, but secret love-children are a whole 'notha bag of crap. The divorce has dragged out because presumably, Gibson is busy cleaning up other messes, but mostly because of the contentious argument over his estimated $900 million fortune. According to the standards of divorce, he should owe Robyn half of that.

Although details of the exact sum Robyn will walk away with later today when the divorce is finalized have not been release, it's speculated that she could have made as much as $450 million dollars. Yes. Okay, usually there's no money in the world that equals an amount to tolerate cheating and humiliation, but I think this might be a negotiable fee. That's Scrooge McDuck levels of money. How can someone even spend that in a lifetime? She can just throw cash in a fire for fun.