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45 years of Music Millennium

Terry Currier
Lauren Jewels

Music Millennium just celebrated their 45th anniversary. Portland’s oldest record store offered cake to the public, and the record they played when they first opened their doors in 1969: The Beatles, “It’s All Too Much.”

Owner Terry Currier expressed his gratitude for the community and the local music scene, “Being involved with your community is very important, and it is the community who we have to thank. They are who come in and buy records, and support local businesses. We would not be here without them."

It has not been easy, though. There was a time when Currier feared that vinyl collecting would become extinct. Music share programs and internet access to record shopping may have doomed the industry at one point.

“In 2002 when all the music share programs came about, we had 7500 record stores in the US. Today we have 1800. So yeah, there was a time when we were afraid that we might not make it and people may stop buying vinyl,” said Currier.

Currier started the Coalition of independent music stores, otherwise known as CIMS, in 1995. Independent storeowners wanted to get the word out to the public that record stores are still here.

In April 2007, Record Store Day was created. Falling on the third Saturday of April each year, the intention was to celebrate vinyl collectors everywhere by offering them special releases and unreleased albums they couldn’t normally purchase.

In addition to celebrating 45 years of business, Music Millennium has successfully raised their goal amount via Kickstarter to rebuild the store’s roof.

“The phone has been ringing off the hook since the success of the kickstarter went live. I have gotten so many quotes and deal offers. I have learned so much about roofing in the last week,” exclaims Currier.

If they exceeded the goal, Terry was planning to add a café and bar inside of the store. His intention is to keep everything local, working with local brewers and wineries. Being the man who coined the phrase, “Keep Portland Weird,” he is also looking into having a signature brew with that name on the label.

“We have over 150 live in store shows here per year. Over time, people have always asked us if we have something to drink while standing around and enjoying music. It just makes sense to have that addition to be able to give our customers the full experience plus drink and browse," added Currier.

Music Millennium's roof renovation begins in May, and to begin building the café in the summer. To find out more, you can follow Music Millenniums’ Facebook page for updates.

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