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45 arrested in New York sex trafficking ring as underage workers are rescued

Sex Trafficking of Innocents Must End - FBI breaks up sex trafficking operation
Sex Trafficking of Innocents Must End - FBI breaks up sex trafficking operation
Photo Credit - New York Curban Project

Sex trafficking has become big business when sporting and political events come to a town and the FBI and local law enforcement have been working overtime to halt it, according to CNN. The combined efforts of Federal and local law enforcement officials resulted Tuesday in the arrests of 45 people involved in sex trafficking in the New York area. The legal authorities’ efforts also freed underage workers who were victims of these nefarious activities.

As a result of the underage sex workers being freed, the local social service and other related authorities will be assisting with the reunification of the abductees with their families.

For many years as the popularity of the Super Bowl and other large political or sporting events increased the practice of sex trafficking of innocents including underage girls escalated as well.

This national dilemma has impacted all areas of the nation and it is also why the FBI and state prosecutors in New York’s Westchester and Manhattan County worked so diligently to unearth the sex trafficking operation leading up to the Super Bowl, reported CNN.

Often times the sex trafficking operations will take young people right off of the street and transport them to cities all over the United States or outside the country. This is not just a local problem where the young are kidnapped from but it is a national problem as well.

This growing dilemma has resulted in greater attention being focused on it from congress through congressional hearings. Rep. David Reichert, R-Washington highlighted the problem, affirming, “It is a problem seven days a week, 52 weeks a year for the children who are caught up in it. We owe it to them to develop real solutions,reported CNN.

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