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44-year-old fetus: 'Stone baby' found in woman, fetus long dead within uterus

A 44-year-old fetus was recently discovered in the uterus of an 84-year-old woman from Brazil who came to a state hospital due to severe stomach pains. Doctors at the medical center were shocked to find a literal “stone baby” instead of a stomach bug inside the female, with the calcified remains of a long dead fetus being revealed through the examiners’ X-rays. Opposing Views shares this Thursday, Feb. 13, 2014, that although the fetus died a number of weeks into the long-past pregnancy, it was never expelled from the woman’s body.

Sonogram image of a fetus in a womb
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The 44-year-old fetus was confirmed to have been found in the 84-year-old woman earlier this week after a Tocantins hospital assessment revealed the elderly female’s stomach pains were being caused by something quite unexpected. According to the X-rays, a calcified unborn baby, called a “stone baby” by the doctors, was still present within the woman’s uterus.

The recent images revealed “the face, the bones of the small arms, of the legs, the ribs, and even the still-forming spine” of a fetus that died long ago at an estimated age of only 20 to 28 weeks. The woman allegedly said to doctors that she was aware of her pregnancy well over 40 years ago. However, she soon began undergoing extreme pain and knew something was wrong.

Deciding to take matters into her own hands, the 84-year-old Brazilian woman opted to visit a local witch doctor. The witch doctor prescribed her a strange concoction that she was instructed to drink and was supposed to ease the pain. The woman carrying the 44-year-old fetus acknowledged that almost right away, the mysterious medicine helped her feel much better.

"Her stomach didn't grow any more, the baby stopped moving and she thought it had been aborted," Porto Nacional hospital gynecologist Gesneria Saraiva Kratka revealed to a local news source.

It appears that although the premature fetus died, it was never expelled from the woman’s uterus. The woman’s body eventually encased the dead fetus in calcium deposits to shield the mother’s body from the now fetal corpse. Scientifically known as a “lithopedion,” a stone baby thus results from this rare condition.

"It's supernatural, but she has not had any complications," Kratka said. "We are going to perform some new tests, scans to see more details and then we will speak with her relatives to see if they allow us to operate.”

At this time, the 84-year-old woman has allegedly said she has no intention of having the 44-year-old fetus taken out of her body due to potential health complications coming from the procedure.

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