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44-year-old fetus: Calcified stone baby in 84-year-old to stay despite concerns

A 44-year-old fetus is what an 84-year-old woman was carrying around in her belly for the last four decades. For reasons not divulged, the woman has decided not to have this calcified fetus removed. A stone baby, which is a fetus that died and has calcified, is a very rare occurrence. This just happened in December to another woman who was found to be carrying a stone baby, but that woman decided to have the fetus removed, according to Fox News on Feb. 13.

44-year-old fetus calcified in 84-year-old woman's abdomen. She recently found this out when she had stomach pain and saw a doctor. screen shot

The Brazilian woman ended up at the hospital with pain in her abdomen and you can just imagine the faces on the doctors after seeing her X-rays. The fetus had a face, the limbs were formed and the spine was very apparent. The baby was very easy for the doctors to distinguish in comparison to another type of growth.

It was 44-years-ago when the woman, who was pregnant thought that she miscarried the baby and since the baby stopped growing and moving, she had no idea she was still carrying a dead fetus.

This phenomenon is called lithopedion described as “the fetus grows and then dies outside of the uterus.” The baby developed up to somewhere between 20 to 28 weeks and then died. Doctors estimate the size of this stone baby about the size of a six-month-old fetus, which is fairly well formed by that time.

The case in December was in Columbia, but nearly identical to the woman in Brazil. While the woman in Columbia had the stone baby removed, the woman in Brazil is opting to leave things as they have been for 44 years.

Check out the video above describing the Columbia woman's case. She had the fetus removed, where the women in Brazil, who is 84, has opted not to remove her stone fetus.


Doctors are speaking with this 84-year-old woman today trying to persuade her into having the surgical procedure to remove the stone baby, according to the Canada Journal on Feb. 15. The doctors are also speaking with her relatives. The woman ended up in the hospital from severe pains in her abdomen, so to avoid any other problems in the future the doctors feel the calcified fetus needs to be removed.

The woman is not ready to do this saying that last time she experienced such horrible pain, the doctor in her village gave her medicine to make the pain go away and it worked. Apparently it was just a temporary fix because she was back seeking medical treatment again for this problem and to stave off any future episodes doctors feel removing the decades old fetus is the best course of treatment.

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