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44-year-old fetus found in 84-year-old woman in Brazil

A 44-year-old fetus was found in an 84-year-old woman
A 44-year-old fetus was found in an 84-year-old woman
Screencap via News 4 San Antonio

When an 84-year-old Brazilian woman went to the doctor complaining of stomach cramps, they found a 44-year-old fetus still inside of her.

The Daily Mail reports that the unnamed woman had complained of dizziness and severe stomach pains. Upon an x-ray, doctors found the 44-year-old fetus, referred to as a “stone baby,” still outside her womb. It was estimated that the fetus had been around 20 to 28-weeks-old.

The woman told doctors that she had been pregnant 44 years ago, but when she experienced a lot of pain she went to see a witch doctor for help. There were no traditional doctors available in her village. She was given some medication and felt better, and when the pain stopped and baby stopped moving, she thought she had aborted. Instead, the 44-year-old fetus remained in her body and her body adapted to having it there. The x-ray clearly defined the ribs, spine, legs and arms of the fetus.

The woman says she has no plans to remove the 44-year-old fetus, but doctors hope she will change her mind so she can avoid any further medical issues. Doctors seem amazed that she hadn't had any issues until now. Though rare, stories like the woman with the 44-year-old fetus do happen from time to time. Other recent incidences include an 82-year-old woman from Bogota and a 92-year-old woman from China.