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44-year-old fetus: Dead 'stone baby' fetus found in 84 year old Brazilian woman
In a most bizarre story, a 44-year-old fetus was revealed to be inside of an 84-year-old Brazilian woman.

A 44-year-old fetus was found by doctors inside of an elderly 84-year-old Brazilian woman who had checked herself into the hospital on Feb. 7 in the central Brazil state of Tocantins. The woman complained of “intense stomach pains,” which were later found to be caused by an unborn child which had developed outside of her womb.

Fox News reported today that doctors initially thought the woman had gastrointestinal concerns, but after taking an MRI, discovered the 84-year-old had suffered from lithopedion, also known as a "stone baby,” a condition in which a fetus dies during an abdominal pregnancy and calcifies because it is too large to be reabsorbed by the body.

The woman says she became pregnant more than four decades ago, but because of intense pain during her first trimester visited a “healer” for assistance. He gave her some sort of homeopathic concoction, which the woman thought resulted in her baby being aborted.

The woman was transferred to Porto Nacional Hospital near Palmas for more tests. A gynecologist at the hospital said tests on the decades-old fetus revealed "the face, the bones of the arms, of the legs, the ribs, and the spine."

Despite the death of the fetus, Dr. Saraiva Kratka from Porto Nacional said the woman is refusing to have the dead fetus removed, for reasons yet unclear. Dr. Kratka said she was hoping to change the woman’s mind in order to prevent further health complications from developing in the future.

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