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44 tons of marijuana seized in Tijuana, Mexico, near the San Diego border

A total of 44 tons marijuana were seized Tijuana, ABC News reported Saturday, in a story that is sparking a lot of interest here in California. Tijuana has long had a reputation here for its illicit drug trade.

The announcement of the massive pot bust was made by Mexico’s attorney general’s office that stated that investigators confiscated 44 tons of Marijuana in Tijuana on Thursday. Tijuana is just across the border from San Diego, CA, and about a 10 hour drive from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Mexican authorities said that nearly 4,000 packets of drugs were found in the Granjas Familiares del Matamoros neighborhood. The discovery was made based on a federal warrant. The drug raid was conducted by Mexican military and Tijuana police but surpassingly, there were no arrests. The suspects had apparently fled before police got there.

Tijuana illicit drug industry

Drug busts are common in Tijuana. The border city is known for huge marijuana seizures. Tijuana is also where Mexico’s largest pot bust took place. That happened in 2010 when 148 tons were seized. Over the past several years, at least seven tunnels were discovered under the border.

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