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44 Horrible Dates and Then Some

Eddie Campbell's 44 Horrible Dates
Eddie Campbell's 44 Horrible Dates

We're all a bit tired of hearing about 'perfect dates', especially if you're the only one in your circle of friends who never has them. On May 1st, author Eddie Campbell launched his first non-fiction book 44 Horrible Dates, written to portray 44 absolutely horrible dates told from Campbell's persepctive, each of which, unfortunately, is completely and horrifically true.

From start to finish, Campbell relays failed dates with 44 other men, which cannot be an easy feat. What's worse, after all of these miserable dates, he still has not found 'the one'. From the very first few pages, you can tell this story is going to be full of hard but hilarious truths ranging from flatulation upon first meet, to an unfortunate experience at a fast-food burger joint with a coke head.

Campbell spares no details when it comes to his gritty dating past, and because he describes each date in a sort of sardonic, Chelsea Handler-style voice, he is able to portray each guy in precisely the right, dingy light. If straight people thought dating was difficult, this book will surely give them reason to pause.

Campbell will be appearing at a number of events this June, including Book Soup on June 18, and Yogurt Stop in West Hollywood on June 7, promoting his book. You can find 44 Horrible Dates on Amazon, and also check out the first few pages on Google Books.