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$43,000 tip: California bagel shop receives the tip of a lifetime

How would you react to a tip like this?
How would you react to a tip like this?
Brooklyn Bridge Bagel Works/KHSL

When someone leaves a big tip, it really brings a smile to the face of the servers that did hard work to provide the best service possible. A really big tip can make a person feel all warm inside. A $43,000 tip will make you question the sanity of the person that left it, but that's exactly what happened to a bagel shop out in Chico, California, per CBS News on July 29, 2014.

A customer that visited the Brooklyn Bridge Bagel Works store in Chico, California, left a tip of $43,239.92 on an $8 meal. It was a tip that was 500,000 percent over the actual cost of the meal, and it shocked everyone working in the store.

The store's co-owner Peter Horylev said that the tip was left via a new tipping machine in the restaurant. It allows customers to use a pre-set percentage such as the average 15 percent. Obviously, this customer wanted to leave a bit more.

Upon calling the credit card company, it was revealed that the $43,000 tip had been authorized by the account and actually went through. At this point, the processor for the credit card revered the tip and ran the bill for just the food charge of $8.

It's not sure if the $43,000 tip was intentionally left or mistakenly put it. Horylev says that the customer would have had to hit a big series of numbers and buttons to actually leave the tip so it would be hard for it to be a mistake.

Action News Now says that there would be the option of hitting F4 to manually input a dollar amount. Still, the customer would have had to hit a specific number.

"We can't figure out how they could have done it," Horylev said.

Whatever the case may be, thew new tipping machine has seen server tips double over the past couple of months. Customers say they like the ease of the machine and it allows them to do as they please without feeling pressured.

A $43,000 tip would have been nice, and the customer may never even realize what happened, but it was a gesture that showed you can have some faith in humanity.

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