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'420 mile' sign replaced with '419.99' to stop pothead thieves in Colorado

419.99 mile marker replaces 420 mile marker in Colorado
419.99 mile marker replaces 420 mile marker in ColoradoDaily Mail

Colorado’s Department of Transportation got tired of having to replace a “Mile 420” sign when allegedly marijuana-fans would continually steal it for their own pleasure, according to an NBC News report on Saturday. In response to the repeated thefts, officials have replaced the “Mile 420” mile-marker sign with one that reads a hundredth-of-a-mile off – “Mile 419.99.”

State officials in Colorado have placed the newer sign along Interstate 70 – near the city of Stratton - in the state that has recently made recreational marijuana legal. This is apparently the only highway in the state that has a 420-mile sign-marker because it is the only highway throughout the state that is long enough to have such a marking.

The number 420 has a long association with the smoking of marijuana. It is the time of day that marijuana smokers – of the past – would light up and smoke their pot. The origin of the term is not clearly defined, but wherever it started, it has lasted through many decades.